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Geochemistry in a sentence

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Sentence count:66Posted:2018-01-12Updated:2018-01-12
Similar words: histochemistrybiochemistrythermochemistryradiochemistryneurochemistryphotochemistrybiogeochemical cyclebiochemistMeaning: [‚c'kemɪstrɪ] n. the chemistry of the earth's crust. random good picture
1, There are many practical applications for analytical geochemistry.
2, The element geochemistry behavior of Guanghan claypan indicated that it has the dry change tendency in the environment.
3, His doctoral thesis was devoted to the geochemistry, geochronology and nuclear chemistry of the noble gases xenon and krypton.
4, Based on isotopic geochemistry, relationship between mineralization of Shanmen deposit and regional magmatic activity is discussed.
5, The geological characteristics, petrology, mineralogy and geochemistry of Ningshan granitic pluton groups in the south of east Qinling Orogen are dealt with in this paper.
6, This paper presents a systematic study on morphology, geochemistry and geochronology of a zircon population from the Danzhu granodiorite located in the southwest region of the Zhejiang province.
7, Exploration geochemistry is faced with the problem of development in the 21 st Century.
8, The study of petrology, mineralogy and geochemistry suggests that augite latite and augite monzonite are cognate, belonging to the upper and root parts of the volcanic dome respectively.
9, According to the geochemistry result above, it is concluded that Shikoku basin is characterized by hemipelagic and pelagic deposit.
10, Lixiviation is chief geochemistry action to control fluorine content undergo very long geological age.
11, Element and isotope geochemistry of the lamprophyres veins in the Xikuangshan antimony ore deposits issystematically researched in this article, aiming at discussing genesis of lamprophyres.
12, The parameters of organic geochemistry indicated that the two sets of source rocks were deposited in the bathybic and bathyal milieu with the subsaline-saline water.
13, Its petrology , petrochemistry and geochemistry feature show the intrusive is post - collision and strongly - peraluminous granite.
14, The data and graphs from petrochemistry and geochemistry approve that the tectonic setting is continental margin arc.
15, Fluorosis is a kind of biologic geochemistry disease which is found in particular geographic environment.
16, Their study is at the interface of inorganic chemistry and geochemistry.
17, The approach has been to provide relevant detail and review methods in terms of their application to geochemistry.
18, Based on the analysis of the region and mining area data, the ore controlling factors of geology and geochemistry in the Jinshan Gold Deposit,[] Jiangxi province are summarized.
19, Since Jurassic period , deposit built, structural fades , geochemistry characteristic of rocks ect. at Gahai Basin were all different from geosyncline period of Early Jurassic.
20, This paper deals with the advance in study of the composition, geochemistry and deep seated fluids of lower mantle.
21, The relative large lithium isotopic fractionation in natural samples has useful application in the fields of geochemistry, cosmo-chemistry and nuclear chemistry.
22, Based on the discussion of the six aspects mentioned above, this paper presents the practical application of petroleum geochemistry in petroleum system study.
23, The interaction between microorganisms and minerals can facilitate the process of exogenic biogeochemical reaction, which is one of the important research contents in exogenic geochemistry .
24, This paper stresses the study on the petrology, mineralogy, petrochemistry, REE geochemistry, age and petrogenesis of the jadeite-cancrinite syenite.
25, An predicted method and its concrete process are proposed after analyzing gravity, magnetism, geochemistry, remote sensing and GIS information synthetically.
26, Rare earth element pattern is a important way of study on REE geochemistry.
27, Deterministic models rather than stochastic statistical models has been little pursued in exploration geochemistry.
28, The application of chemistry to the study of rocks ( geochemistry ) has many uses in petroleum geology.
29, It is very important to strengthen the study of the primary texture, enclaves, accessory minerals (especially zircon) and geochemistry.
30, To predict earthquake by using data is a new probe of geochemistry methods, so this work provides real observation base for its deepgoing study.
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