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Generalisation in a sentence

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Similar words: generalizationneutralisationgeneral practitionerglobalisationgenerationgeneral electionregenerationgenerationalMeaning: n. 1. an idea or conclusion having general application 2. the process of formulating general concepts by abstracting common properties of instances 3. reasoning from detailed facts to general principles 4. (psychology) transfer of a response learned to one stimulus to a similar stimulus. 
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1) It is unwise to be hasty in generalisation.
2) There are, happily, notable exceptions to this generalisation.
3) One useful strategy in language learning is generalisation, but it is most noticeable when it exists as over-generalisation.
4) This generalisation, however, masks the fact that there are considerable variations from country to country in each of these regions.
5) Generalisation and abstraction, which reflect real-world relationships where objects can inherit properties from their parents, are supported.
6) So the conditional theory is a generalisation of the causal theory.
7) Every generalisation is arrived at, therefore,( by induction.
8) The problem with any generalisation is that it generally misrepresents. That said, we should also be mindful not to generalise all secular humanists to be equally intolerant of all religions.
9) This is a gross generalisation because attraction is such a complex mechanism but men are visual creatures and attraction is more likely, at least in the initial stages, to be based on what they see.
10) "A generalisation that faster growth will always compromise plant defence needs to be treated with caution," he warned.
11) He said: 'As a generalisation, men are less emotionally intelligent than women and have not traditionally been encouraged to share their feelings.
12) One generalisation we can make, though, is that people get more satisfied with their jobs as they get older.
13) This is a generalisation, of course, butbroadly speaking Europeans view football more as a continuum, the USand Japanese as a series of discrete events.
14) However, although our observations may back up this generalisation we cannot be sure that it applies to all Virgo's, only those we have observed.
15) I know it's a generalisation, but I really believe that marriage is not as important for the British and most Europeans as it is for Americans, and the statistics support that view.
16) Incase a generalisation of this suggested mode of production would be met with strong popular resistance.
17) That is a generalisation, as there have been effects since the silents in 1900.
18) That is a generalisation, as there have been effects since the silents in 1900. But there was no special effects industry and effects-driven movies were rare.
19) "This is a gross generalisation, but men focus more on one thing, " she says.
20) The first is a dubious generalisation made by the greatest of novelists, Leo Tolstoy.
21) It has to be possible to produce spontaneously original sentences which are based on implicit rules which allow generalisation.
22) The recommendations of the Redcliffe-Maud Commission were the major exception to this generalisation.
23) Even if marred by partiality and vagueness, this work is easily recognisable as theory, as explanation, not mere descriptive generalisation.
24) As with all the economic forces affecting firms' behaviour, the impact of change is uneven and defies generalisation.
25) Is joy, in contrast to sorrow, a more individual, idiosyncratic emotion about which generalisation is inappropriate?
26) This is a hard thing to say and I am of course aware that this, too, is a generalisation.
27) Instead, most of us – and I include in this generalisation much of the mainstream environmental movement – are still wedded to a vision of the future as an upgraded version of the present.
28) Finally, we demonstrate the networks have special advantages by simulations, stochastic wavelet neural networks can be considered as a generalisation of wavelet neural networks in essence.
29) Those who oppose or support GM crops per se make an unhelpful generalisation.
30) Chimps can do all sorts of things we thought that only we could do – like tool-making and abstraction and generalisation.
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