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Gas flow in a sentence

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1. Once the gas flow is adequate, the petrol pump is switched off.
2. A hand-operate switch is used to regulate the gas flow.
3. At any Usually, gas flow design value is higher than the effect of the separator is far greater than low air will reduce the efficiency of the conditions in the lower.
4. Thus wet gas flow measurement system is studied, and wet gas flow measurement unit is designed in this subject, then wet gas flow measurement at well head is achieved.
5. The combustion gas flow was analyzed, the velocity and temperature distributions were calculated according to this model, the results fitted well with the actual flame.
6. Predicted gas flow field in the free board of a vortexing fluidized-bed combustor gives plausible results which reveals the non-isotropic featu...
7. Gas flow and particle field situation in the dust collector are simulated by FLUENT numerical software and the experiment results are directly analyzed.
8. Through orthogonal experiment, laser power, scanning rate and gas flow were optimized and pretreatment techniques were adopted to cancel pore and crack in laser weld of LY12CZ.
9. Its width in the direction of gas flow is determined by the output laser mode, so that the active volume can be fully used.
10. At constant gas flow rate, the overall volumetric mass transfer coefficients increase with the rotational speed.
11. Dispersity of gas flow can be enhanced and afterburning efficiency can be improved by increasing primary nozzle numbers and nozzle expansion ratio.
12. The pulverized coal mass rate increases as the gas flow rate increases.
13. The effects of pressure, gas flow and methane concentrate in the growth rate and micrography of CVD diamond films were discussed.
14. An on/off switch on the dashboard controls the petrol pump, and a hand-operated gas-valve regulates the gas flow.
15. Stumbling to his feet, he fumbled with the broken pieces, trying to staunch the gas flow.
16. To eliminate scale-up assumptions demonstration data were obtained using a recycle gas flow configuration.
17. The accuracy of the results in calculating natural gas deviation factors or supercompressibility factors directly affects the metering accuracy of gas flow rate.
18. The motion of individual particles is obtained by solving Newtons second law of motion and gas flow by the Navier Stokes equation based on the concept of local average.
19. In comparison with the normal vacuum quenching furnace cooling with gases, there are great developments in the pressure of the cool gas, distribution way of the gas flow and other aspects.
20. Under different boundary conditions, theoretical analysis is made for gas flow and heat transfer in micro rectangular channels where velocity-slip and temperature-jump prevail.
21. In a cold model reactor, the effects of simulated feedstock oil and gas flow on the expanding ratio of the catalyst bed were studied.
22. During the open and shut-in period of a gas well, the gas flow within the borehole changes into transient flow.
22. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
23. Introducing a specific heat ratio K and a gas constant R- for constant lag flow, fundamental relationships analogous to those of pure gas flow are derived.
24. A silicon nitride film may comprise an initiation layer formed in the absence of a hydrogen gas flow, underlying a high stress nitride layer formed in the presence of a hydrogen gas flow.
25. The simulated result of bubble diameter agrees with the calculated in the low gas flow rate satisfactorily.
26. The results show that when the porous media model is not used, the calculated escape velocity of bubbles is larger, and the difference becomes larger with increasing the gas flow rate.
27. Micropore abundance increases with increasing coal maturity, which imposes much restriction on the gas flow and results in distinct isotopic fractionation.
28. GDQ-J series high-vacuum flap valve is used for cutting off or connecting gas flow in the vacuum system.
29. Testing results show that the major factors affecting the deposition efficiency are the welding current, arc voltage and gas flow rate under the condition of same circuit inductance.
30. Equilibrate the column, the injector and the detector at the temperatures and the gas flow rates specified in the monograph until a stable baseline is achieved.
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