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Galvanization in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-08-12Updated:2017-08-12
Similar words: galvanizegalvanizingUnited Nations OrganizationurbanizationorganizationvulcanizationmechanizationorganizationalMeaning: [‚gælvənə'zeɪʃn /-naɪ'z-] n. 1. stimulation with a galvanic current 2. stimulation that arouses a person to lively action 3. either the work of covering with metal by the use of a galvanic current or the coating of iron with zinc to protect it from rusting. random good picture
1, Surface defect in cold rolled galvanization plate in Handan Iron and Steel Limited Group has been introduced, meanwhile the solution process has been discussed.
2, Surface treatment mode of grating : Hot dipped galvanization: galvanization should be carry out after basic work.
3, The PLC is applicated in the steel tube galvanization process replace of traditional relay logic control to realize the automatic operation and fault treatment.
4, The surface can be treated with galvanization.
5, Immolate domesticity for aspire after career galvanization.
6, The unexpected news produced a kind of galvanization of the whole team.
7, Drum material quality many for carbon steel galvanization, stainless steel, alloy material quality.
8, Outer frame may choose the paper frame, the galvanization iron frame, or alloy frame.
9, The surface can be treated with galvanization , electrolyse , plastic spray and enamel for different application situation.
10, The principle, technology and equipment of machinery galvanization are introduced simply.
11, Hot dip galvanization is the present widespread application used in anticorrosion for zinc coating W - beams barriers.
12, Still hot water conduit cannot use galvanization iron pipe, in order to prevent conduit rustily reach generation scale, and hot conduit should do heat preservation processing.
13, This paper introduces the construction of the single galvanization automatic assemble line system by adopting micro computer and PLC, and the controlling methods used in the manufacturing process.
14, Galvanization means coating metal with zinc, or the act of stimulating action.
15, Effects of cooling rate on eutectic microstructure of Zn - ( 0.24 Ni ) alloy for hot dip galvanization were investigated.
16, As Asian Pacific economy continues to grow, the demand for galvanization will inevitably increase.
17, Analysis is made on the formations of wave girder hot-dipped galvanization disfigurement, resulting from silicium and ferrum,( and provided the preventions.
18, In order to obtain stable brush plating solution and good galvanization performance, various ligands are added.
19, So the heat input should be kept low to weld galvanization steel sheet.
20, The paper introduced the technics process conversion of sodium cyanide galvanization solution to potassium chloride solution. It expounded in technics, health, entironment, cost, etc.
21, Electro galvanized iron wire :Is take the low-carbon steel as the core, through the wire drawing, the electricity galvanization craft processing makes the metallic composite.
22, Zn - Ni alloy can reduce Sandelin effect when used in hot - dip galvanization of silicon containing reactive steel.
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