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Frustrated in a sentence

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Sentence count:217+20 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-21Updated:2017-03-21
Similar words: frustratefrustrationfrustratingillustrateillustrationstrategyprostratestrategicMeaning: ['frʌstreɪtɪd /frʌ'streɪtɪd] adj. disappointingly unsuccessful. random good picture
1 He frustrated his enemies in their plans.
2 His apathy just made her even more frustrated.
3 This failure leaves the child depressed and frustrated.
4 The police frustrated the bandit's attempt to rob the bank.
5 He felt extremely frustrated when things went against him.
6 They felt frustrated at the lack of progress.
7 He gets frustrated when people don't understand what he's trying to say.
8 He was frustrated by his poverty.
9 He was frustrated in his ambition.
10 It's very easy to get frustrated in this job.
11 She felt increasingly frustrated by her inability to demonstrate her ideas.
12 I was frustrated by my apparent lack of progress when I started the violin.
13 Students become frustrated with learning verbs parrot fashion.
14 Douglas plays a frustrated American everyman who suddenly loses control under the pressure of daily life.
15 The government has deliberately frustrated his efforts to gain work permits for his foreign staff.
16 Journalists are frustrated by his apparent greyness.
17 He stamped his foot in frustrated rage.
18 He often appeared angry and frustrated by the intransigence of both sides.
19 Heavy rain frustrated out our plans for a picnic.
20 Sometimes he gets really frustrated with his violin playing.
21 You say you're bored and frustrated but in the same breath say you're resigned to staying in the same job.
22 She found her plans frustrated at every turn.
23 He was frustrated by deep poverty.
24 Mary was frustrated by the lack of appreciation shown of her work.
25 Their attempts to speak to him were frustrated by the guards.
26 The bad weather frustrated all our hopes of going out.
27 Are you feeling frustrated in your present job?
28 Ever so a person,[] can in order to my every move and happy or frustrated for a long time.
29 When things go wrong, all of us naturally feel disappointed and frustrated.
30 He had hoped to set a new world record, but was frustrated by bad weather.
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