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Friedman in a sentence

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Similar words: milton friedmanmarried mancertified mailfreedmanhired mandried milkfriedmiddle-aged manMeaning: n. United States economist noted as a proponent of monetarism and for his opposition to government intervention in the economy (born 1912). 
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1 Like Friedman, Duesenberry believed that the basic consumption function was long-run and proportional, as illustrated in Fig. 7.
2 Hurt was quickly hired, and several weeks later Friedman selected Harry Lawrence Clark as an assistant cryptographic clerk.
3 In later versions of the natural rate hypothesis, Friedman was tacitly to abandon this view altogether.
4 Rather than recovering lost languages, John Friedman is recovering lost lives.
5 Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman once lamented that since everyone handles money, there are many know-nothings who think they understand economics.
6 Once the school began functioning smoothly, Friedman turned his attention to the blacker side of the organization: interception and solution.
7 Friedman argued that no single person, even a Nobel laureate, could make a pencil.
8 But Friedman argued that matters do not rest there.
9 Friedman was a member of a logistics team rather than a combat unit.
10 According to Friedman,( money has a convenience yield in the sense that its holding saves time and effort in carrying out transactions.
11 If Friedman had a history of mental instability, why was he let into the army?
12 Friedman applied it to the altogether more modest inflationary experience of the late 1960s.
13 Within months, says Friedman, " we were antsy. "
14 Monetarism, led by Milton Friedman , which holds that inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.
15 Third, Mr Friedman laid the foundation of modern theories of consumption.
16 Pauline Friedman took the name Abigail from the Christian Bible Old Testa - ment.
17 First suggested by Milton Friedman , an economist, in 1955, the principle is compellingly simple.
18 But, according to Thomas Friedman , the matter is settled.
19 Mr.Friedman died on Jan. 13 in Haifa, Israel, the Simon Wiesenthal Center said.He was 88.
20 Friedman said people's anxieties need addressed immediately and on a national scale.
21 The most serious challenge to Keynesian macroeconomic policies, however, has come from Friedman and the monetarists.
22 We should not be comforted by allowing ourselves to regard Noam Friedman et al. as disturbed individuals who have gone astray.
23 First, the Keynesian function includes current national income, whereas Friedman is using permanent income as a proxy for total wealth.
24 The word that is now used to cover all aspects of code work is cryptology, also invented by Friedman.
25 An art work titled "untitled (Cosmic Bust Man)" by artist Tom Friedman of the U. S is seen on display at Hong Kong International Art Fair May 25, 2011.
26 The system of negative income tax was firstly proposed by Milton Friedman of Chicago University, and developed by economists in the west later.
27 She was born in Sioux City on July fourth, nineteen eighteen. Her parents named her Esther Pauline Friedman.
28 IBM began funding the Globus Project during this period, Friedman explains, because, "The concepts behind grid computing seemed to dovetail nicely with our own enterprise-wide computing strategy.
29 In his 2010 book, "Simon Wiesenthal: The Life and Legends, " Tom Segev wrote that Mr. Friedman "ensured that Eichmann's name stayed in the headlines."
30 Part of the explanation lies in health behaviors -- the cheerful, happy-go-lucky kids tended to take more risks with their health across the years, Friedman noted.
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