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Foraging in a sentence

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Similar words: ragingaveragingleveragingencouragingdisparagingencouraginglydrag inagingMeaning: ['fɑrɪdʒ ,'fɔ / 'fɒ-] n. the act of searching for food and provisions. 
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1. The children had been living on the streets, foraging for scraps and sleeping rough.
2. Her assistant was foraging in a cupboard for some envelopes.
3. They eke out a precarious existence foraging in rubbish dumps.
4. The campers went foraging for wood to make a fire.
5. We disturbed a wild boar that had been foraging by the roadside.
6. The gorillas go foraging for food as a group.
7. Cohesive social units foraging a particular area over several generations would enhance efficiency by transmitting such information among closely related animals.
8. Foraging here is a little easier, but it is also more hazardous.
9. A troupe of golden-crowned kinglets was foraging close to the ground.
10. There was fireweed with furry yellow-and-black bumblebees foraging from it, and there were bears and caribou.
11. The birds spend much of their day foraging in dense,( varied vegetation and return to roost together at dusk.
12. It is the sophisticated foraging behaviour of the bees that has promoted the diversity of flower colours.
13. Red and gray squirrels are foraging.
14. The bumblebees are still foraging from the chokecherry blossoms in the gloom.
15. Benny, her mongrel, foraging ahead.
16. Hence a wise general makes a point of foraging on the enemy.
17. Nevertheless, it would be disingenuous to suggest that foraging is always straight - forward and easy.
18. The only movement was an occasional flock of intrepid sea gulls foraging through the mess.
19. However, the only unauthorised visitors appear to have been souvenir hunters and men foraging among the stores.
20. In the face of potential starvation, honey bees finally begin foraging on alfalfa, but they learn to avoid being clubbed.
21. Massive baggage trains enabled rapid troop movement by the Frankish army without repeated foraging.
22. He could not join in the telling of smutty jokes or the foraging expeditions for willing females.
23. Workers observing it and about to leave on their own foraging[sentence dictionary], immediately fly off in the direction indicated.
24. In particular there are close associations between nesting density on islands or islets, foraging habits, breeding ecology, and behaviour.
25. But at this time of the year brent geese are also to be found foraging.
26. Placed in the middle of a field of alfalfa, foraging bees will fly tremendous distances to find alternative sources of food.
27. They are unable to do anything natural such as dust badging or foraging through the grass.
28. During the growth of young Great Bustard, resting behavior kept a high percentage, foraging and preening behavior increased with the decreasing of singing and crouching behavior.
29. The olfaction has many important effects on the behavior of insects, including the choosing of habitat, food foraging, aggregating, reproduction, signal communication, etc.
30. Before the formation of leaves, the nutrition for the development of viviparous plantlet is supplied by its parent, which is a kind of typical foraging behavior.
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