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For a start in a sentence

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Sentence count:72+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-11-14Updated:2017-11-14
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1. We'll take names and phone numbers for a start, then later on we can get more details.
2. I'm not buying it I can't afford it for a start.
3. For a start, let's agree where we should meet.
4. Well, for a start, the weather was horrible.
5. For a start, this is a story of a number of telepathically gifted children who were accidentally killed six years ago.
6. For a start, it slips under the 2 litre tax threshold.
7. So, for a start, be miserly about tomato paste in meat sauces for pasta.
8. The Government for a start, which is commissioning research into dozy citizenship.
9. For a start, there is the cost of what has traditionally been the principal means of covering risk - insurance.
10. For a start, it is a subordinate class, and being a socialist means surrendering a culture of subordination for self-determination.
11. For a start he should-but probably won't-ignore the cry for David Beckham to be captain.
12. They were small groups for a start.
13. For a start, sheer distance put a well-nigh insurmountable barrier be-tween me and my peers.
14. For a start, it allows the poor into the housing market by keeping costs low and not threatening higher-income groups.
15. For a start, the introduction of the changes enshrined in the new Charities Act will be a slow process.
16. For a start, he must get down to the infirmary to check on Dan's progress.
17. For a start, those retiring today are better off financially than any previous generation.
18. Pretty strong inns all along the coach road, for a start.
19. For a start, try leaves of lime, poplar, sycamore, holly, dandelion and groundsel.
20. For a start, there's his burgeoning empire in designer clothes.
21. For a start we caught our first big fish, an important moment on any voyage.
22. For a start, it is the only tractor on the market with an electronic push-button throttle.
23. For a start, it's a live-in position.
24. For a start, she had definitely got the impression that Miss Philimore always did her buying in person.
25. For a start there was the gloomy news he had to pass on to Jacqui.
26. For a start, the clock runs backwards from 45 minutes to zero.
27. You must get her name and address, and that can be a problem for a start.
27. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
28. A city advisory board concluded that it would require 35 pages of changes in the regulatory code, just for a start.
29. I don't think she'll get the job. She's too young, for a start.
30. Lovejoy himself is firmly in the tradition of the likeable rogue - no first name for a start.
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