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Foolish in a sentence

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Sentence count:251+24 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-01Updated:2017-03-01
Antonym: sagaciouswiseSimilar words: polishabolishpolishedfoolhooligansymbolisesymbolismpublisherMeaning: [fuːlɪʃ] adj. 1. devoid of good sense or judgment 2. having or revealing stupidity. random good picture
1. There are more foolish buyers than foolish sellers. 
2. Being reluctant to think , unwilling to study intensively and under-stand deeply and being complacentand satisfied at negligible knowledgeall are the cause of poor intelligence, which can be germed as "foolish". 
3. One cannot do a foolish thing once in one's life, but one must hear of it a hundred times. 
4. In a complex world,to insist upon simplicity is foolish
5. It is a dirty [foolish] bird that fouls [soils] its own nest. 
6. Hope often deludes the foolish man. 
7. The wise hand doth not all that the foolish mouth speaks. 
8. Better a witty fool than a foolish wit. 
9. It is a foolish sheep that makes the wolf his confessor. 
10. Jack could not account for his foolish mistake.
11. His foolish behaviour may jeopardize his whole future.
12. I thought the whole idea was just a foolish and dangerous delusion.
13. The accident was my fault-it would be foolish to pretend otherwise.
14. What induced you to do such a foolish thing?
15. She's a foolish interfering old woman!
16. I've never heard anything so foolish in all my life.
17. No one is foolish enough to endorse it.
18. His foolish act has brought a storm about his ears.
19. Penny wise and pound foolish.
20. It was a very foolish thing to do.
21. It's foolish to idle away one's precious time.
22. Can you persuade him out of his foolish plans?
23. I was foolish enough to believe what Jeff told me.
24. His mind is lumbered with foolish ideas.
25. It would be foolish to raise hopes unnecessarily.
26. Don't try to make me look foolish.
27. It would be foolish for us to quarrel.
28. It is foolish to haphazardly adventure.
29. He is commonly supposed to be foolish.
30. We have made a foolish mistake.
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