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Flip side in a sentence

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Similar words: ellipsissolipsismsolipsisticupsideupsideslopsidedupside downside by sideMeaning: n. a different aspect of something (especially the opposite aspect). random good picture
1. The trade deficit is the flip side of a rapidly expanding economy.
2. The flip side of the treatment is that it can make patients feel very tired.
3. We're now starting to see the flip side of the government's economic policy.
4. But the flip side of that effectiveness is quite clear when things go wrong.
5. The flip side of virtue is pride.
6. But there is also the flip side of the coin.
7. But there was a flip side to the coin.
8. The flip side is also true: if budgets showed the cross-departmental impact, governments might invest more in prevention.
9. On the flip side is the Hong Kong flag, also red but with five leaves forming a star.
10. The Baker-Donaher family were the flip side of the Wilkins of Reading: different hemispheres, different social class.
10. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
11. On the flip side of partnerships, Gates talked about Microsoft's competition.
12. It did sound very much like the flip side to Mrs Richards' story.
13. There was a flip side to this drug problem as well.
14. But the good news is the flip side of the bad: every change creates new needs.
15. And that, of course, is the ugly flip side of Hazlittglimmering coin of hatred.
16. But the flip side for customers may be higher political risk.
17. There is a flip side to this mentality, however.
18. The flip side of relentless mobility is turmoil and angst, broken marriages and unhappy children.
19. There is also a flip side to the big European bank presence in Asia.
20. The flip side was to cut loose any moorings to other currency areas.
21. On the flip side, however, sits another kind of "unbuilt" architecture that which is torn down.
22. On the flip side, emphasising girlishness as desirable facilitates the multibillion-dollar sales of anti-aging cosmetics, creams and plastic surgery.
23. Perhaps this is the flip side of being an abstainer , but I've found that if I'm trying to make myself do something, I do better if I do that thing every day.
24. On the flip side, OPEC is likely to broadly maintain supply curbs over the coming months and this could provide some price support.
25. It was only after they were married that she began to see the flip side of the fairy tale.
26. All this love had brought her, taught her: the flip side of ecstasy.
27. The facts, which spilled out in no particular order, revealed the flip side of the fairytale.
28. We need to be just as comfortable with the flip side: A living wage encourages work.
29. It is probably obvious that each of these difficulties has an educational flip side.
30. So far so miraculous. Yet the shiny face has a tarnished flip side.
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