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Flimsy in a sentence

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Synonym: daintydelicatefragilefrailslightweakSimilar words: clumsyAIMShimselfcrimsonwhimsicalby himselfslimflipMeaning: ['flɪmzɪ] n. a thin strong lightweight translucent paper used especially for making carbon copies. adj. 1. lacking solidity or strength and liable to break 2. having little substance or significance 3. very thin and insubstantial 4. resembling cardboard especially in flimsiness. 
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1. She felt cold in her flimsy dress.
2. You won't be warm enough in that flimsy dress.
3. The storm flattened the flimsy wooden huts that the villagers lived in.
4. The flimsy structure of the vehicle could not withstand even mild impacts.
5. The evidence against him is extremely flimsy .
6. The evidence against him is rather flimsy.
7. The evidence against him is pretty flimsy.
8. Their flimsy tent gave/offered little protection against the severe storm.
9. The charges were based on very flimsy evidence.
10. We spent the night in a flimsy wooden hut.
11. Only a flimsy barrier stops the crowd from spilling onto the field.
12. This was a particularly flimsy sounding rationale coming from Martinez, who took such a dim view of his students' prospects.
13. She punched tiny discs from a flimsy sheet of iron foil and placed them in the anvil.
14. Do you have a flimsy, glass-panelled back door?
15. Homeless men huddled beneath flimsy blankets on the sidewalk.
16. And on such flimsy grounds she'd apparently been tried and sentenced.
17. His home is a flimsy wooden shack in a Watts alley, with only a hot plate, table and bed.
18. June unwrapped the flimsy tissue paper from one of the almond biscuits and rolled it carefully into a tube.
19. Unfortunately he has concealed them behind a flimsy facade of demagoguery.
20. She was wearing only a thin robe over a flimsy nightdress, and her feet were bare.
21. It's the money that spurs these fishermen to risk a long ocean journey in their flimsy boats.
22. When I asked him why he was late, he gave me some flimsy excuse about having car trouble.
23. The effectiveness of even the best quality locks will be reduced if a door frame is flimsy.
23. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
24. The school claimed that the decision was based on flimsy evidence from an unsatisfactory inspection in April.
25. At seventy-five feet Sea Dragon had been larger than Hsu Fu and a much more substantial vessel than a flimsy bamboo raft.
26. Another visitor who arrived just before the Bigelow party took one look at the flimsy contrivance and declined to descend.
27. She opened the case and looked with dismay at the flimsy green silk nightdress lying on top of the matching gown.
28. The following morning, I was rudely awakened by the loud downpour of rain bashing against the sides of our flimsy tent.
29. Some observers have drawn attention to the fact that such assumptions themselves rest on flimsy foundations.
30. In some spots, villagers were building cinder-block houses, a sturdy if ugly improvement over their flimsy bamboo shacks.
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