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Fit out in a sentence

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Sentence count:43Posted:2017-08-12Updated:2017-08-12
Similar words: wait outdish it outstick it outfortuitoussolicitouscircuitouscalamitousgratuitousMeaning: v. 1. provide with (something) usually for a specific purpose 2. provide with clothes or put clothes on. random good picture
1. The kitchen is very well fitted out.
2. The government fitted out warships and sailors for them.
3. The ship will be in dock for eight months to be fitted out for its new duties.
4. I'm getting the children fitted out with clothes for their new school.
5. The new recruits were fitted out with uniforms and weapons.
6. The ship had to be fitted out before the voyage.
7. The office had been fitted out in style.
8. The room has been fitted out with a stove and a sink.
9. They spent 18 million pounds of Government funds fitting out the London headquarters.
10. It was well fitted out, with a formidable medicine chest.
11. Sometimes such costs are incurred by a party other than the developer, typically where the tenant completes the fitting out of the building.
12. Also, some of our forces were rather obviously being fitted out for cold weather.
13. The yacht measures eighty-four feet and is fitted out to the highest standards.
14. She fitted out the summerhouse with a sleeping bag and a change of jeans.
15. Work is still going on in fitting out a new store right up to the last minute.
16. Falcons were fitted out at the Bordeaux plant to customer specification.
17. The brick vaults were fitted out as hot and cold sea-water baths.
18. It was large, commodious and beautifully fitted out.
19. The place was fitted out in dark, polished wood in the style of the twenties.
20. In order to process conveniently, we need to fit out with suitable style space curve usually in (numerical) control processing.
21. A king who is blessed will fit out a navy and will be reckoned the twelfth in the court among the saints.
22. This office fit out in Tokyo takes the blues and greys of the clients logo and throws them in bold swathes of colour across floor and wall,[] creating a striking stripe world.
23. SMOOTH TRAVELING: the trailer was fit out with hydraulic suspension system employing series axles , and plane platform supported by bearing centers of three independent dosed oilcircuits.
24. Even her departure had been delayed for weeks for want of the funds necessary to fit out her ship and escort.
25. The wolf was so full, in fact, that he could not fit out through the exit again.
26. This means the room does not need to be specially fit out.
27. From the outset this project was always going to be technically challenging as it was highly innovative in terms of both the cladding and internal fit out.
27. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
28. We shall have to trim our spending down to fit out income.
29. One - 30 sec - commercials for American Cable TV, something like these (2 tv commercial), or whatever you think gonna fit out business profile.
30. Roll the window down only enough for the dog's head to fit out.
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