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Financial strength in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-06-18Updated:2017-06-18
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1. Our restaurant business has tremendous financial strength and a very bright future.
2. Profitability High liquidity ratios indicate short-term financial strength but do not measure efficiency of utilization of resources.
3. Balance sheets depict the financial strength of an enterprise at any single point in time.
4. Firms with large debts may not have the financial strength to survive a prolonged sales decline or a recession.
5. We have the financial strength to do it.
6. Secondly, it strengthens the financial strength, increases capital profit, and improves impact of finance upon national macroeconomic control.
7. All applicants must show strong financial strength in their bank balance overseas.
8. Financial Strength: A Marketing And Brand Building Of The Necessary Funds.
9. Our financial strength doesn't remove us from the hostile pricing environment now enveloping the entire property-casualty insurance industry.
10. Large corporations also have the financial strength to research, develop and produce new goods.
11. With the Group a solid financial strength and strong scientific research ability, so that God sumon security brand in the world to enjoy a relatively high field of honor .
12. The document is translated from English language Financial Strength and it's for information purpose only.
13. Mode: the mode of operation of sophisticated companies, financial strength, strength huge!
14. In arguments, American businessmen will often emphasize their financial strength or indomitable position.
15. Large corporations have the financial strength.
16. What is an Insurer Financial Strength Rating?
17. But the numbers indicate their relative financial strength certainly offers them the option.
17. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
18. These two companies are. One has tremendous financial strength , while one has tremendous technological.
19. However, financial strength alone will not translate into domination of global banking.
20. Newco's options depend on these factors, as well as on the time available and the financial strength of the vendor.
21. The analysis was completed by a tabulation of results which consolidated the risk scores and financial strength ratings.
22. The acquirer will obviously want warranties and indemnities to be given by people with financial strength.
23. It believes the figures on this basis give a much fairer picture of business performance and underlying financial strength.
24. Overall, these companies improved their competitive positions last year, partly because our financial strength let us make advantageous tuck-in acquisitions.
25. I plant is private enterprise, a good technology, and a solid financial strength.
26. Surplus is the most important single indicator of a mutual insurance company's financial strength. This strength ensures our ability to fulfill our long-term commitments to our policyholders.
27. Surplus is the most important single indicator of a mutual insurance company's financial strength.
28. Bovis Lend Lease has been working with UN-HABITAT since the tsunami to find the best way to use its financial strength and project management skills to deliver tangible outcomes in Sri Lanka.
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