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Financial statement in a sentence

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Sentence count:70Posted:2017-08-16Updated:2017-08-16
Similar words: financial strengthfinancial managementfinancial systemfinancialfinanciallyfinancial aidfinancial crisisfinancial policyMeaning: n. a document showing credits and debits. random good picture
1 According to its financial statement, the company made a profit of $15 million last year.
2 The financial statement will be ready for the A.G.M. The donations from the general public show a decrease on previous years.
3 Another important objective of financial statement analysis is to develop a reasonable basis for forecasting the future.
4 Such information may actually be more understandable to financial statement readers and, therefore, more relevant to their needs.
5 In so far as this summary financial statement summarises the information in the annual accounts, those accounts have been audited.
6 The Financial Statement was a voluntary arrangement, which aimed to avoid court action.
7 The making of combined financial statement should be based on the valid theory.
8 The account department have prepare a financial statement for the shareholder.
9 Consolidated financial statement is influenced by the choice between the purchase method and the pooling of interest method.
10 Firstly,[] the dissertation generally analyzes the relations of financial statement fraud and equity financing predicament.
11 The balance sheet is a financial statement that shows the financial position of a company at a particular date.
12 The annual financial statement will give us a clear perspective about where changes need to be made.
13 Actually, many analysts don't use the ratio in financial statement analysis.
14 Understand how accruals affect the financial statement.
15 The authenticity of Combined Financial Statement will be influenced by the authenticity of individual financial statements.
16 A financial statement that reports the assets and equities of a company at a particular time.
17 The analysis of financial statement is the importance means of understanding enterprise financial statement and it can reflect the condition of company quickly and exactly.
18 We provide financial statement and taxation report promptly for our customers on the monthly basis.
19 During the deposition, Symington defended the use of the $ 67. 5 million Esplanade appraisal in his 1990 financial statement.
20 In the final analysis, informed decision making is the overriding goal of financial statement analysis.
21 Have an up-to-date credit report and, if needed, a financial statement from parents.
22 A copy of your organisation's 2005 or the latest audited annual financial statement.
23 At last, the paper discusses the requests of our independent audit standards that CPAs should detect management fraud in a financial statement audit.
24 Expensing the employee bonus is the trend to go convergence with the IASB, and it will decrease the transaction cost by increase the comparability of financial statement across nations.
25 Nonrecurring Charge An expense occurring only once on a company's financial statement.
26 Look at the revenue breakdowns in the company's quarterly financial statement.
27 Working - manuscript method is widely used in our creating of consolidated financial statement in accounting region.
28 The disclosure has various forms a separate environ - IImental report or attach it to the financial statement.
29 Then, the paper selects 15 listed companies, analyzes their "Distance to Default" using their stock prices and their financial statement data, and compares their credit status.
30 XBRL is a standard way available for the preparation, publishing and data exchange of business financial reporting and the analysis of financial statement.
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