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Film camera in a sentence

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1. Photographic film cameras on satellites would be of no use until the means of recovering film capsules from orbit could be developed.
2. As executive producer James Cameron 3D film camera equipment, but also a patent holder, which became the film's visual effects 3D long board.
3. A miniature 35mm film camera manufactured in Switzerland was concealed in this modified tobacco pouch. A spring-wound mechanism advanced the film between exposures.
4. Morrow used a film camera and a 600mm lens to capture this image.
5. The film camera is associated with a lengthy effort of photographing, cutting, editing, and dubbing, which may involve months of work.
6. You need to bring an SLR digital or film camera.
7. The movie was shot on a 16mm film camera which gives the film a grittier yet intimate feel.
7. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
8. Can DP2s (Foveon) totally replaces film camera?
9. Cartier-Bresson used film camera, same lens, no flash, same shutter speed – he didn't need the newest digital equipment to take great photos.
10. The film camera editing rhythm and tempo can strongly stimulate the audience's emotions.
11. I was the very last in the row, along with my film camera crew.
12. It's solid, well-built and looks more like a conventional film camera than the other digital cameras featured in this test.
13. Olympushas had an enviable name for the production of both digital and classic film cameras.
14. In 1888, George Eastman received a patent for his roll - film camera, and registered his trademark: " Kodak. "
15. A human being in her real life setting, plus an inexpensive "fool-proof" automatic film camera. It's that simple. Simply, no more arguments about Art and Life.
16. It's the perfect setting for a key scene in the homemade zombie movie they are shooting with a "Super 8" film camera.
17. When you write "manual" camera, I' m assuming you are talking about a film camera with a metering system where the needle moves in the viewfinder.
18. Always look for focal length, which is rendered in terms of "35mm equivalent, " or what it would be comparable to in a 35mm film camera.
19. The acceleration of chasing fly was investigated by analyzing the traje dories of chasing flight in their free flight conditions which were recorded by a high speed film camera.
20. I look at other people's Gathering and Scattering clutch, a section to a section of the film camera, it is indifferent expression.
21. The photograph shown here was taken from a still frame of a 16 mm film camera.
22. On this basis, in 1913 Germany Barnack designed using a film on a small hole, a small 35-mm film camera Lycra.
23. In my experience, I can count on one hand the amount of times I have been involved in a filming that used a real film camera.
24. Tony will introduce the features and functions of toy film camera to our alumni.
25. Results The system not only acquired images as conveniently as the film camera, but realized "What You See Is What You Get" thanks to its real-time image acquisition and processing.
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