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Figure on in a sentence

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Sentence count:66+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-06-29Updated:2017-06-29
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1. The figure on the left spoils the unity of the painting.
2. You can figure on him to be on time.
3. We did not figure on having so many people at the picnic.
4. He is a person we can always figure on to complete his jobs.
5. The figure on page 22 shows a political map of Africa.
6. She is a popular figure on the international tennis circuit.
7. It's impossible to put a figure on the number of homeless people in London.
8. I figure on being in New York in January.
9. Visitors remember a lean, cheerful figure on horseback urging on his men.
10. Sandman is a cult figure on the local music scene.
11. He's a person you can always figure on his help.
12. She's a well-known figure on the international lecture circuit.
13. We figure on your coming early to help us.
14. It's impossible to put a figure on the number of homeless after the flood.
15. The administration coyly refused to put a firm figure on the war's costs.
15. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
16. I figure on going over to town to pay a visit.
17. Do you figure on staying long in this city?
18. I figure on meeting their representative in Hilton on Tuesday afternoon.
19. He was a familiar figure on the lecture circuit.
20. He was an imposing figure on stage.
21. Don't figure on going abroad this summer; we may not be able to afford it.
22. As if on command, the figure on the bed tugged off his hood.
23. The figure on page 28 shows the make-up of these simplest nuclei and illustrates what happens when two deuterium nuclei collide.
24. No exact figure on how much revenue this generates could be obtained from state tax officials.
25. All the same, he appeared a pretty imperious figure on casual encounter.
26. As shown in the figure on the opposite page, these new elements represent the results that each technique tends to yield.
27. It's worth a lot but I couldn't put a figure on it.
28. I'm sure we'll make a good profit, but I couldn't put a figure on it.
29. Reduced to the bare essentials, the divergent internal performance patterns looked like the figure on page 264.
30. The grain is narrowly interlocked, sometimes wavy or variegated, producing roe or narrow ribbon striped figure on quartered surfaces.
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