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Field in a sentence

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Synonym: areagroundlandpastureplotrangerealmregionspacespheretractAntonym: moorSimilar words: yieldfierceelderelderlyMeaning: [fɪːld] n. 1. a piece of land cleared of trees and usually enclosed 2. a region where a battle is being (or has been) fought 3. somewhere (away from a studio or office or library or laboratory) where practical work is done or data is collected 4. a branch of knowledge 5. the space around a radiating body within which its electromagnetic oscillations can exert force on another similar body not in contact with it 6. a particular kind of commercial enterprise 7. a particular environment or walk of life 8. a piece of land prepared for playing a game 9. extensive tract of level open land 10. (mathematics) a set of elements such that addition and multiplication are commutative and associative and multiplication is distributive over addition and there are two elements 0 and 1 11. a region in which active military operations are in progress 12. all of the horses in a particular horse race 13. all the competitors in a particular contest or sporting event 14. a geographic region (land or sea) under which something valuable is found 15. (computer science) a set of one or more adjacent characters comprising a unit of information 16. the area that is visible (as through an optical instrument) 17. a place where planes take off and land. v. 1. catch or pick up (balls) in baseball or cricket 2. play as a fielder 3. answer adequately or successfully 4. select (a team or individual player) for a game. 
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1 A bad bush is better than the open field
2 This is an enormous field of which l can here touch only the fringe.
3 In the field a lamb was bleating for its mother.
4 It's a mile round the circumference of the field.
5 The peasants ploughed the weeds in the field back to enrich the soil.
6 The young animals were bounding about the field.
7 The apple tree leaned to the field, dropping its flowers on the grass.
8 The football field is enclosed by a wall.
9 Cattle is browsing in the field.
10 The farmer has roped off the field where the new crop is growing to keep the animals out.
11 The party intends to field / put up a candidate in the next general election.
12 The cattle are grazing in the field.
13 The horsemen cantered round the field a few times.
14 The field includes three world record holders.
15 We're having a track and field meet.
16 We had to walk across a ploughed field.
17 The playing field is a large oval.
18 Don't walk across that field,( it's a bog.
19 They came to the baseball field to root for their school team.
20 The farmer grows potatoes in this field.
21 Our field of vision is limited by that tall building.
22 The field has been seeded with corn.
23 The single tree in the field is prominent.
24 Knowledge in the field of genetics has been developing very rapidly.
25 They were joined by a newcomer who came striding across a field.
26 If the newspapers get hold of this scandal, they'll really have a field day!
27 The company was striking out in new directions in the field of drama.
28 If they plough on until it's dark, they would get this field finished.
29 Their hooves threw up clods of earth as they galloped across the field.
30 There is a path along the left side of the field.
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