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Field trial in a sentence

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Similar words: field tripfield testquantum field theoryelectric fieldstand trialshielding materialto yield toadjusted trial balanceMeaning: n. 1. a test of the performance of some new product under the conditions in which it will be used 2. a contest between gun dogs to determine their proficiency in pointing and retrieving 3. a test of young hunting dogs to determine their skill in pointing and retrieving. 
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1) The results of field trials with a live test are currently being evaluated and the Ministry refuses to comment on them.
2) No proposed field trial has been rejected by the Committee.
3) The organisation planned its first fibre field trials in 1974, and began them in 1977.
4) Field trial showed that traps baited either with virgin females or female sex gland extracts could effectively capture males.
5) A field trial was carried out to study the dissipation dynamics and final residues of carbendazim in tea and soil.
6) The field trial result showed that the method was a new approach to acidize sandstone with high success rate and long term.
7) After a lethal plant virus swept through this field trial in Tha Pra, Thailand, the GM papaya trees on the right stood hearty, while the conventional trees on the left fell sickly and fruitless.
8) The field trial of the 8% abamectin-pyridaben EC with that ratio indicated that it had remarkable control effect against Panonychus citri .
9) Methods Simulated field trial and field trial were carried out to detect its germicidal efficacy.
10) The result was very similar to the field trial.
11) The field trial data are analysed and design parameters are put forward.
12) The field trial operation proves its reliability.
13) John Olin was an avid sportsman, hunter,( trial.html) and field trial participant.
14) The use of molecular markers will sharply reduce or even eliminate field trials.
15) Government ministers rely on the conclusions from the Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment prior to the field trials.
16) Mainsborne, as the system is called, is being installed for field trials in 1000 houses in London and Milton Keynes.
17) Field trials to start Interruptible tariffs will soon be tested in two years of field trials costing about £1.5 million.
18) Methods To evaluate the smoke generator according to its smoking temperature, burning temperature, water absorbing rate, stability, security and the field trial efficacy.
19) We observed the reaction and the immune effect of anew formular for DPT vaccine with or without adsorption in field trial.
20) The project will develop core technologies for next-generation Telematics system and establish innovative applications for system-proofing through pilot run in field trial.
21) Effect of zinc nutrition on endogenous hormone and free radicals in spring maize (Zea mays L. ) were studied by field trial, plant analysis and physiological determination.
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