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Ferroelectric in a sentence

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Sentence count:92Posted:2018-09-12Updated:2018-09-12
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(1) Ultraviolet laser - induced ferroelectric domain inversion in nearly - stoichiometric LiTaO 3 was investigated.
(2) PST thin films are ferroelectric materials with many advantages such as excellent ferroelectric, pyroelectric and dielectric properties.
(3) These ferroelectric materials could be used as a cryogen.
(4) Physics of ferroelectrics: ferroelectric fatigue, ferroelectric size effect, and impacts of crystalline defects on ferroelectricity .
(5) Nowadays, because the ferroelectric materials and its products are contain much lead, it can cause environment pollution and damage people's health.
(6) It is presented that ferroelectric materials could find application in aircraft to solve the issues of aircraft.
(7) It provides a way to determine the ferroelectric critical size from the surface energy.
(8) Novel relaxor ferroelectric single crystal lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate(PMNT)has been found to exhibit excellent piezoelectric properties near the morphotropic phase boundary(MPB).
(9) Hysteresis phenomenon is very common in many ferroelectric materials.
(10) The ferroelectric material is a novel cathode material, which is characterized by its low vacuum requirement, convenient fabrication(, low work function and fast reactive rate.
(11) Material physics, magnetoelectric and properties in Ferroelectric and Multiferroic materials.
(12) The fabrication of ferroelectric Langmuir-Boldgett (LB) films is introduced. And the study of ferroelectricity of organic LB films and its application in recent years are summarized.
(13) Magnetic relaxor ferroelectric materials (MRF) are compounds in which the relaxor ferroelectricity and ferromagnetic (antiferromagnetic) order coexist simultaneously in certain temperature range.
(14) The data-recording device scans a tiny cantilever tip that rides in contact with the surface of a ferroelectric material.
(15) The dependences of film thickness on(200) peak preferred orientation, microstructure and ferroelectric properties were studied.
(16) The ferroelectromagnetic lattice is a magnetoelectric coupling system in which the ferroelectric order and(anti)ferromagnetic order coexist simultaneously below a certain temperature.
(17) Then a simple analytical formula is obtained, which expresses the constitutive relation between polarization P and loading electric field E of ferroelectric materials.
(18) Electrostrictive composites of thermoplastic elastomer polyurethane (PU) and the ferroelectric lead zirconate titanate (PZT) with various volume fractions were prepared by hot roller miller.
(19) The relationship between dielectricrelaxation character and structural ordering of the sintered PSN ferroelectric cera - mics was investigated.
(20) In a memory cell array, a plurality of memory cells having ferroelectric capacitors amplifies the potential of the bit lines of each memory cell.
(21) Pyroelectric infrared detector is one of the important applications of ferroelectric materials.
(22) And the SBN thin film can avoid plumbum pollution of PZT ferroelectric material.
(23) FM 25 L 256 B is the use of advanced technology manufacturing ferroelectric 256 Kb nonvolatile memory.
(24) The possibility of its applying to the thermodynamics on ferroelectric and superconductive systems has been discussed.
(25) Additionally, relaxor behavior is always a key subject in the field of ferroelectric material.
(26) It is presented that the theoretical discussion on the mechanism and elimination of ferroelectric domain.
(27) In view of the different voltage used in system for measuring ferroelectric materials, the automatic voltage-decaying circuit was designed.
(28) We have experimented on the total dose radiation effect of the PZT ferroelectric material capacitors with the ELV-8 electron beeline accelerator.
(29) R curve analysis indicates that resisting force of crack growth in polarization direction increases with crack size increasing, owing to ferroelectric domain deflection.
(30) In this paper, Some of the recent developments in materials, processes and applications for dielectrics, piezoelectrics, and ferroelectric thin ...
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