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Ferritin in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-10-12Updated:2017-10-17
Similar words: referringterritoryferris wheellactoferrintransferringterritorialterritorialityextraterritorialMeaning: n. a protein containing 20% iron that is found in the intestines and liver and spleen; it is one of the chief forms in which iron is stored in the body. random good picture
1, Determination of serum ferritin concentrations generally requires immunoassay techniques. 274.
2, This indicates that ferritin is released into the serum normally in direct proportion to the amount stored in tissues.
3, In addition, the levels of serum transaminase and ferritin were significantly decreased.
4, We think the simultaneous determination of ascitic ferritin and CEA contributes to the diagnosis of malignant as- cites.
5, Consequently, ferritin particle would be the catalyst source in this paper.
6, FERRITIN - Iron - containing serum protein measured by laboratory to help establish a diagnosis of hemochromatosis.
7, Ferritin catalyst particle scale is only several nanometers, which is advantageous for single - walled carbon nanotube growth.
8, Combination measurement of the serum CYFRA21 1, Ferritin and Ferrum is of great significance in prognosis evaluation and early detection of tumor metastasis.
9, Conclusion The serum levels of iron and ferritin may be the important markers of liver iron overload.
10, Ferritin, one of the storage forms of iron, is brown, iron - containing protein.
11, Methods The ascitic sulfydryl, ferritin and adenosine deaminase(ADA) were measured in 38 patients and treated statistically.
12, Conclusion: High ferritin may be a sign for cerebral infarction.
13, The serum ferritin level was determined at 0 wk in 31 CHC patients and 15 controls.
14, Bacterial ferritin from Azotobacter vinelandii has qualitative characteristic absorption peaks in the visible spectral region.
15, Renal disease and a variety of other diseases have not been shown to increase serum ferritin levels. 273.
16, Objective To improve the quality of long - term stored labelled ferritin antigen with HPLC.
17, A Kinetic equation of iron release with H + existing was established from horse spleen ferritin.
18, To assess the predict value of the serum level of iron and ferritin for iron overload.
19, Immunofluorescent double labeling was performed to identify which cell types express ferritin.
20, The results show similarity of Mossbauer spectra and other parameters between native ferritin and model compounds.
21, A two - site time - resolved fluoroimmunoassay ( TRFIA ) for ferritin ( FER ) based on the direct sandwich technique was developed.
22, Objective It is to study the significance of serum ferritin ( SF ) level changes of coronary arteriostenosis disease (CAD) patients.
23, Iron is released from the heme moiety and either stored in the macrophage as ferritin or hemosiderin,[] or released into the circulation for transport back to the marrow.
24, Brain heme oxygenase - 1 , transferrin, transferrin receptor and ferritin were examined by Western blot analysis and immunohistochemistry.
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