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Fatwa in a sentence

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Sentence count:18Posted:2017-11-14Updated:2017-11-14
Similar words: at warcatwalkflatwaregreat wallin that wayheat wavebe at war withat workMeaning: n. a ruling on a point of Islamic law that is given by a recognized authority. random good picture
1. Nobody has issued a fatwa or put out a contract.
2. Tomorrow, the fourth anniversary of the fatwa falls.
3. An earlier fatwa, handed down in 1964, elucidates the context in which the issue of contraception has been re-evaluated.
4. Gambling is forbidden in Islam, and the fatwa quotes a verse from the Koran that calls on all Muslims to avoid gambling as an abomination and Satan's handiwork.
5. In his 1996 fatwa declaring war on America, bin Laden pointed out that the United States withdrew its forces from Lebanon after the 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut.
6. Murad gained a fatwa from an Egyptian 'ulama in order to subdue Karaman for having collaborated with Christians.
7. Sheikh Haitham Islam of Al-Azhar's Fatwa Committee blamed "trouble-makers" from the deposed regime of former President Hosni Mubarak of trying to create a crisis.
8. One elderly cleric recently issued a fatwa on his website, decreeing that anyone who advocated mixing sexes was an enemy of Islam and should be killed.
9. There was no chance that Khomeini would withdraw the fatwa.
10. Her words carried the ring of deliberate provocation, challenging the Islamists to put a fatwa on her and raise a sword to behead her.
11. They were underline their commitment to peace and to issue a fatwa condemning the bombings as forbidden in Islam.
12. The organization is currently planning a center for lectures and fatwa sessions in the virtual world.
13. He is the president of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, and has long been a leading intellectual force in the Muslim Brotherhood,( though he has turned down offers to lead the organization.
14. This time by police investigating Kuan Kung, mistaken for "flying base, " two surrender him, issued a fatwa to kill two lakes, only two are forced to fight back.
15. For example, the murder of two of Salman Rushdie's translators after the fatwa was issued against him.
16. The online mufti should know even more about the questioner's conditions, laws of his country, prevailing customs and so on, so that he would be able to give the right fatwa .
17. In the United Arab Emirates, the top religious authority issued an edict, or fatwa, allowing laborers to eat if conditions become too difficult for them to fast.
18. Desecrating it would probably both cheer me up and get me that fatwa .
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