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Fantasy world in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2017-10-25Updated:2017-10-25
Similar words: fantasyfantasiafantasisefantasizefantasticfantasticalfantasticallyfantasticalityMeaning: n. something existing solely in the imagination (but often mistaken for reality). random good picture
(1) Stop living in a fantasy world.
(2) She retreated into a world of fantasy/a fantasy world, where she could be anything she wanted.
(3) He lives in a fantasy world.
(4) He lived in a fantasy world of his own, even as a small boy.
(5) My son seems to live in a fantasy world sometimes.
(6) It has more to do with spinning a fantasy world, and Hollywood is rather childish about gay actors.
(7) The romantic fantasy world that she had entered when she left the train with Ludo was dissolving in the light of reality.
(8) You aren't lost in some fantasy world anymore.
(9) In the fantasy world of 007, the technology seemed limitless.
(10) Are shrouded in dark magic and strange fantasy world.
(11) This is occurring in a Gothic fantasy world of action games.
(12) Poor Peter always living in a fantasy world.
(13) I a blond bimbo girl, in a fantasy world.
(14) He attempts to build an empire in a fantasy world.
(15) That tie-in is essentially the fantasy world of Asgard, the mythological Norse world where Thor, the home of the god of thunder.
(16) A dreamy world, a fantasy world, my ideal world.
(17) I'm a blond bimbo girl, in the fantasy world.
(18) As a child, she frequently withdrew into her own fantasy world.
(19) These fanatics used fame as a chance to impose their own loopy private fantasy world on pop kids' imagination.
(20) Deprived of a stable relationship with either parent,[] she lived in a fantasy world with dreams of financial and social success.
(21) The relationship between dealer and client would often become a fantasy world, based on speculation presented as logic.
(22) Even the fact that she suggested that they get married shows that she was living in a fantasy world.
(23) They continue to argue for what no one else is prepared to offer and they are wholly isolated in a fantasy world.
(24) The Wizard of Oz. L. Frank Baum. Dorothy seeks to return home while exploring a fantasy world with her -panions.
(25) Read read, as if I am Gulliver together into a fantasy world of that.
(26) In Tolkien 's mind , he wasn't just creating a fantasy world, but ancient mythology for England.
(27) It's allowed me to live in a sort of never-ending fantasy world.
(28) That is the approach taken by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), the company that runs “EverQuest II”, a fantasy world of dragons and busty blondes.
(29) In Glitch, characters, or avatars, appear onscreen in a fantasy world, inspired by and wood block illustrations, that includes giants, chickens and underground mines.
(30) Grand Theft Auto takes place in Liberty City, a fantasy world of criminals, prostitutes and guns.
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