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Familial in a sentence

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Similar words: familiarunfamiliarbe familiar withfamilyhumiliatefilialhumiliationfamineMeaning: adj. 1. relating to or having the characteristics of a family 2. tending to occur among members of a family usually by heredity. 
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1 Gerard also took on wider familial respon-sibilities.
2 An alternative explanation is that familial infection is occurring from a point source.
3 We included genetic counselling alone, for familial cases when no prenatal diagnosis is available, among primary preventive approaches.
4 But, the importance still attached to traditional familial connections provided a readymade network for recruitment.
5 Peters, like his familial namesake, was a hoper.
6 And because of the natural bonds of familial affection that prevail.
7 The disorder has no familial tendency.
8 They are often keenly aware of the familial conflict that this produces.
9 In familial cases without a gene defect regular echocardiograms are the only practicable screening method.
10 The first type - active familial disruption - involved a woman in her thirties who was considered to be suffering from schizophrenia.
11 Lacking familial motivation and psychological stability,[] he can not persist responsibly at work even when he can find it.
12 Secondly, familial cases have sometimes shown a lower age at onset than sporadic cases, which is consistent with aetiological heterogeneity.
13 Employers made claims about the familial nature of their businesses and their warm relationship with their employees.
14 Medieval women were not without authority in the familial and economic spheres even if there was no place for them in public politics.
15 Nevertheless, eating disorders do show a familial aggregation.
16 Design - Cross sectional population based survey of familial occurrence of chronic inflammatory bowel disease.
17 This is a rare familial disorder in which conjugated bilirubin levels are increased due to defective excretion of bilirubin in the bile.
18 And of course there is never any familial memory about how the story may have changed over time.
19 Introduction Familial occurrence of chronic inflammatory bowel disease has been reported in several studies during the past decades.
20 Medullary carcinomas can be sporadic or familial.
21 Objective:To explore familial aggregation in unintentional injury and accident-proneness, and search clues for elucidating genetic effects.
22 Family stories seem to persist in importance even when people think of themselves individually, without regard to their familial roles.
23 One specimen from each patient was examined histologically to exclude mucosal disease, notably microadenoma in familial adenomatous polyposis.
24 Women, then, had more social problems, particularly connected with familial responsibilities.
25 But these processes of social progress are leaving millions behind in the familial ruts of stagnation.
26 But men do not feature prominently as family members acting in their familial role.
27 Accumulating data indicate that heterozygosity at codon 129 plays an important part in the phenotypic expression of familial prion diseases.
28 There will be no empty nest, no shedding of familial responsibilities and expense.
29 Both of these interpretations seem fitting and they demonstrate that Malamud's novel reflects his ethnic familial background, while also maintaining the intellectual tradition in which he was trained.
30 Objective To study plasma insulin level and insulin sensitivity of nondiabetic first-degree relatives of patients in familial non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus ( NIDDM ) pedigrees.
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