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Fall to the ground in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2018-07-13Updated:2018-07-13
Similar words: to the grounddown to the groundon the groundget off the groundon the ground ofthin on the groundon the grounds offrom the ground up
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1. Jenny let the note fall to the ground.
2. She let her umbrella fall to the ground and, holding the flowers out of harm's way, embraced him.
3. David would become stiff, fall to the ground, and start kicking and screaming.
4. Horrified Arthur Day saw the three-year-old fall to the ground with a serious head injury when the weapon went off.
5. Leaves which fall to the ground decay and become part of the soil.
6. It is my podiatrist, and I fall to the ground with guilt.
7. The theory proves that two different subjects fall to the ground at the same speed.
8. Just, even if fall to the ground efflorescence, haughty air four king Yeses of that extremely conceited can't be her that stub to spend as well.
9. Once, accidentally let fall to the ground chemicals, causing the train explosion.
10. His father and uncle fall to the ground, crying uncontrollably.
11. But they continued to fall to the ground in even -- greater numbers.
12. Both of them fall to the ground making the Fell Beast miss Frodo.
13. I always fall to the ground in my dreams.
14. All trees are stripped bare, and the sky turns to mud(, clouds fall to the ground breathlessly churning.
15. He dropped into the nearest one and let the zimmer fall to the ground.
16. If roosting monarchs are dislodged by wind, rain or predators, they fall to the ground.
17. Many animals leap from bough to bough, and sometimes fall to the ground.
18. Failing payment of the £30 the Company's promise would fall to the ground.
19. L is for the leaves that they are green and grow on trees. Sometimes they turn colors and fall to the ground with ease.
20. And delimit the strategic principle 2002, towering annals gains fall to the ground this.
21. Ants then came to take it away for food, but the titmouse had been hurt by the owl's claws and the fall to the ground, so it couldn't move.
22. When a boy is playing football and suffers a really painful injury he might fall to the ground screaming, but a wild-eyed coach shouts, 'Get up!
23. Don't hold the melon by the melon vine. Once it drops(, the watermelon will fall to the ground and break.
24. Yhwh was with Samuel, and let none of His words fall to the ground.
25. And you very casting hard these 5 balls, do not let their fall to the ground.
26. Why Plates are Always Upside - down When They Fall to the Ground?
27. In a clearing deep inside the Laotian jungle, a group of Hmong fall to the ground and beg me for help as soon as they see me.
28. After a couple of minutes, they both leap off the cliff and fall to the ground.
29. I whip out my anti-bee soaker and spray it back and forth, causing large groups of bees to fall to the ground, critically injured.
30. The man shrugged off his coat hurriedly and let it fall to the ground.
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