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Faded in a sentence

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Similar words: fadefade infade awayfadelessjadedheadedbeadedloadedMeaning: ['fædɪd] adj. 1. having lost freshness or brilliance of color 2. reduced in strength. random good picture
1. The sun has faded the curtains so the colours are rather patchy.
2. All hope of success soon faded away.
3. The curtains had faded in the sun.
4. Some people, strong memories, faded relationships.
5. As night came,the house faded into darkness.
6. Memories of my sister faded away after many years.
7. The subdued talk in the room faded down.
8. Her beauty faded as she got older.
9. He was wearing faded blue jeans.
10. The rosy bloom of her cheeks had faded.
11. The hotel had an air of faded grandeur.
12. The blue rug has faded over years.
13. All colour had faded from the sky.
14. The voices became louder and closer and then faded away again.
15. The sun had faded the curtains.
16. His words faded to silence as he saw she didn't believe him.
17. The velvet curtains were faded in patches.
18. The hotel has an air of faded gentility.
19. The ink had faded to invisibility.
20. The colour has faded after only two washes.
21. Your shirts have faded from frequent washing.
22. The smile faded from his face.
23. The curtains had faded to a dusty pink.
24. She looked a strong candidate,[] but then faded out of the picture.
25. Hope faded after wrecked remains of the ship were washed onto the shore.
26. They can see how its colours have faded and where paint has flaked.
27. There were huge cracks in the plaster, and the green shutters were faded.
28. Having done my job in establishing the company, I decided that it was time I faded out and left the work to my sons.
29. As time went on, his ambition to be part of the US Supreme Court faded in a miasma of alcohol and despair.
30. When she started insulting everyone during the television interview, he faded her out.
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