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Factory worker in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2017-06-11Updated:2017-06-11
Similar words: factoryolfactorysatisfactoryfactory systemworkercoworkerco-workercaseworkerMeaning: n. a workman in a mill or factory. random good picture
1. Seventy factory workers were made redundant in the resulting cuts.
2. Many important businessmen began as factory workers.
3. He did a lot to improve conditions for factory workers.
4. He's at ease speaking pidgin with the factory workers and guys on the docks.
5. Gradually factory workers have been displaced by machines.
6. Skin disorders are common occupational diseases among factory workers.
7. Frightening cruelties were inflicted on child factory workers well into the 19th century.
8. Will factory workers be entirely superseded by machines one day?
9. The magazine gave voice to hundreds of oppressed factory workers.
10. How many factory workers are in danger of losing their jobs?
11. Thousands of factory workers are facing redundancy in the New Year.
12. Columns of factory workers waved banners.
13. The factory worker no longer manipulates the sheet of steel; he manipulates the data about the steel.
14. He had by this time been child factory worker, apprentice framework knitter and short-term seaman, so his reaction is significant.
15. Like everybody from factory workers to opera stars, writers were supposed to serve the totalitarian state and its purposes.
16. Sacco, a factory worker, and Vanzetti, a fish pedlar, were arrested for the murder.
17. Fewer factory workers are losing fingers or getting sick.
18. What, then, of the average factory worker and the average retail worker?
19. The factory worker is in the eight - hour working day.
20. An illiterate factory worker won the lottery.
21. Won the love and esteem of entire factory worker.
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22. The father is the ordnance factory worker, the mother is the tannery worker.
23. The average attendance was about a hundred and had particular appeal to young women factory workers and those in domestic service.
24. Equal pay claims were brought and lost by several groups of working women, bakers, confectioners and factory workers.
25. A glossy magazine designed to satisfy the CEOs ego may go wide of the mark with the factory workers.
26. Yet, in Buffalo, Dole spoke to a small group of factory workers who were mostly Democrats.
27. Television is not the medium of the farmer or the factory worker or of the Chicano, or the teacher.
28. Like many of the city's estates, it was built for car factory workers.
29. According to the Daily Dail of September 28, retired factory worker Alberto Marcantonio, 74, grew the enormous vegetable using normal seeds and soil and fed it nothing but tap water.
30. He felt most at home with ordinary people: farmers, fruit pickers and factory worker.
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