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Extensional in a sentence

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Similar words: extensionhyperextensionextension corduniversity extensiondimensionaldimensional analysisextensivetwo-dimensionalMeaning: adj. defining a word by listing the class of entities to which the word correctly applies. 
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1. Extensional basins are dominated by normal fault half-graben system, and there is an asymmetry in specific sense on any section across the basin.
2. The Fengshan basin is a well - preserved extensional basin in the Yanshan structural belt.
3. Dayangshu Basin was in extensional setting in the Quaternary period, and a series of small extensional half-grabens were formed.
4. The main mechanism of melt lineation is extensional deformation which led to partial melting of high-grade metamorphic rock.
5. Extensional database updates corresponds to insertion or deletion operations on tables. These operations can be executed by low-level database system directly.
6. The development degree and predominant direction of extensional fracture relate to deformational curvature produced after force is exerted on rock.
7. In extensional tectonic stress field, there are paralleling and ring - radiating fault block modes.
8. It is concluded that dynamics characteristics of extensional appendages result in increasing the possibility of structure failure when it is under excitation of external force.
9. By means of this method a series of extensional matrices may be obtained.
10. By extensional expansion and intensional construction, our school aims at training qualified professionals with high quality and unique features for local economic development.
11. Extensional basin includes mainly graben and half - graben controlled by low detachment.
12. The dynamic equation of spacecraft with extensional flexible appendages is derived.
13. The NE extensional structures style and NW transverse accommodation zone form structural framework of this region.
14. Rapid cooling between 22 and 20Myr reflects both uplift during ductile phases of extensional deformation and ambient cooling of the granitic intrusions.
15. It is well known that the Syenite-gabbro association may originate from either the evolution of a single magma or two independent magmas which are usually related to intraplate extensional tectonics.
16. Of course, it is necessary and a footstone for truth - seeking of the extensional logic.
17. The Hujianshan Area is dominated by fluvial and lacustrine-fluviolacustrine delta sediments in Yanchang Formation, which locates in the south extensional of delta system of Anbian.
18. The meaning of an English word, which tends to include extended meaning, intensional meaning, extensional meaning, connotive meaning and denotative meaning,[] is context-dependent and flexible.
19. The characteristics and origin of transverse transfer zone in Cenozoic Huanghua extensional basin are discussed.
20. It has changed the way the traditional economy operates in that it makes technology a kind of input, which makes possible the transition from extensional reproduction to intensional ways.
21. In contrast in intensional Type Theory type checking is decidable, but the representation of many mathematical concepts is non-standard due to a lack of extensional reasoning.
22. By separating the local bond stresses from the total bond shear stresses, the anchorage bond stresses along the extensional bond length are obtained, and the bond stress distribution is investigated.
23. The Early - Middle Jurassic strata were probably deposited in an extensional basin above the Lapeiquan fault.
24. Paleozoic Sn polymetallic province in the northern accretionary zones of the craton, where Pb Zn and Sn polymetallic deposits were formed in Paleozoic basins with extensional tectonic background.
25. A new method of tree scheme knowledge representation is proposed. It enables the recursive query process to consult the states of the extensional database, making the algorithm more efficient.
26. The gold mineralization in the Boka-Tuobuka area took place in Paleocene and early Eocene, intra-continental extensional geotectonic environment.
27. Planar strips, vertical stages, continuous backpedal and strong succession are the characteristics of the glutinite body distribution in a rift extensional basin.
28. According to the sedimentological evidences the paper believes that Qiangtang Basin was a continental marginal basin during middle Jurassic time and was at an extensional architectonic setting.
28. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
29. With a complex tectonic assemblage, there are three principal slip planes and three main extensional decollement - decoupling faults in this area.
30. It is a subject of current discussion whether this tradeoff is unavoidable and whether the lack of extensional principles in intensional Type Theory is a feature or a bug.
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