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Exasperation in a sentence

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Synonym: aggravationSimilar words: operationAND operationalliterationgeneration gapconfederationconsiderationratificationgratificationMeaning: [ɪg‚zæspə'reɪʃn] n. 1. an exasperated feeling of annoyance 2. actions that cause great irritation (or even anger). random good picture
1. The organization has expressed its exasperation with the government.
2. Mahoney clenched his fist in exasperation.
3. With a groan of exasperation, he picked up the luggage himself.
4. He shook his head in exasperation.
5. He sighed in exasperation.
6. There is growing exasperation within the government at the failure of these policies to reduce unemployment.
7. She blew out her cheeks in exasperation.
8. She rolled her eyes in sheer exasperation.
9. 'Stop that noise,' he cried out in exasperation.
10. Within the business community, exasperation with government regulation is virtually unanimous.
11. William closes his eyes in exasperation.
12. She stared at his back view in exasperation.
13. He looked at her with exasperation when she just gazed at him with wide deep blue eyes.
14. I betook myself to bed in some exasperation, and without really bothering to get undressed.
15. Carol sighed in exasperation.
16. Many people express exasperation with the National Health Service, but most seem to prefer it to a private system.
17. Neil says at last, with some exasperation.
18. I thought with sudden exasperation that of course I was quiet.
19. He pounded the desk in exasperation.
20. Handsomely rugged, bronzed, not drawn into lines of exasperation but smiling - a kind, caring man who loved her.sentencedict .com
21. Carew gave a little groan of exasperation.
22. It was a mixture of amusement and exasperation with her friend, with worry added.
23. Richard Nixon repeatedly expressed his exasperation at having to work with an unresponsive bureaucracy.
24. Benjamin and I hid our exasperation, took our cloaks and followed her into the snow-covered grounds.
25. Calling my husband for advice, and, in exasperation, watching the three of them deteriorate.
26. Cursing obscenely in his exasperation, Sherman set himself and fired.
27. Latin temperaments rose in exasperation in direct proportion to their owners' frustration.
28. The grunts of exasperation among applied econometricians were almost audible.
29. After ten hours of fruitless negotiations, he stormed out of the meeting in exasperation.
30. The batsman drove the last ball of the over for four, and the bowler kicked the ground in exasperation.
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