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Euthyroid in a sentence

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Sentence count:14Posted:2017-10-16Updated:2017-10-16
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1. Results: All the cases of Euthyroid sick syndrome presented different degrees and types, including low serum T3 syndrome, hypothyroidism, high serum T4 syndrome, in 53.01%, 12.41%, 4.36%respectively.
2. To study the occurrence of euthyroid sick syndrome (ESS)and the relationship between prognosis of congestive heart failure (CHF)and ESSinthe elderly with CHF.
3. This preparation also decreased serum T4 of euthyroid rats with a similar effect as Thiamazole. These restults showed that YXG has strong antithyroid effects.
4. Conclusions: A longer initial duration of euthyroid state with ATD seems to be the only variable related to the risk of hyperthyroidism relapse in children that can be manipulated.
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5. Objective To evaluate the presence of euthyroid sick syndrome(ESS) in chronic congestive heart failure(CCHF) patients.
6. METHODS Eighty-six patients (86 eye) with euthyroid TAO were divided randomly into the treated group (60 cases) and control group (26 cases).
7. Objective:To investigate the occurring condition and effects of euthyroid sick syndrome (ESS) on prognosis in patients with congestive heart failure (CHF).
8. Objective To study the occurrence of euthyroid sick syndrome ( ESS ) and the relationship between prognosis of congestive heart failure (CHF)and ESS in the elderly with CHF.
9. This disease is usually self-limited over weeks to months and the patients return to a euthyroid state.
10. The positive rate of anti thyroid antibodies was 68.6% in euthyroid first degree relatives.
11. FT3 was significantly decreased in nephrotic syndrome patients, which suggested that nephrotic syndrome be a kind of euthyroid sick syndrome.
12. Initially, the thyroid is enlarged and there may be transient hyperthyroidism, followed by a euthyroid state and then hypothyroidism with eventual atrophy years later.
13. While the orbitopathy is most commonly associated with hyperthyroid states, it can be seen in euthyroid and even hypothyroid patients.
14. Subjects with thyroid dysfunction were studied before endocrine treatment began and again once they became euthyroid .
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