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Eucalyptus in a sentence

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Sentence count:115+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-08-12Updated:2017-08-12
Synonym: eucalypteucalyptus treeSimilar words: apocalypticcalypsoapocalypsecoitus interruptuseucaryoticcrypticalcrypticallyscalyMeaning: [‚juːkə'lɪptəs] n. 1. wood of any of various eucalyptus trees valued as timber 2. a tree of the genus Eucalyptus. random good picture
1, There were birds twittering in the eucalyptus trees.
2, Eucalyptus oil is good for easing muscular aches and pains.
3, Koalas eat very few things besides eucalyptus leaves.
4, Even skid row smelled of eucalyptus.
5, Here, on a sun-dappled terrace shaded by tall eucalyptus trees, about forty chattering and laughing guests were gathered.
6, Eucalyptus oil will also help patients with a cold as it clears nasal passages.
7, I ramble over to a grove of eucalyptus trees, where the local H club used to keep its beehives.
8, The leaves have a unique smell midway between eucalyptus and mint. Bright purple flowers.
9, Scientists have discovered a new species of Eucalyptus tree.
10, It was a jungle of thick eucalyptus, corpses, tangled azalea, and memories of aimless nocturnal screams.
11, He smelled sage and eucalyptus and felt prompted to write about the despoliation of California land.
12, Add a block of pre-soaked Oasis and insert eucalyptus branches to make a dome shape, with some extending horizontally outwards.
13, The koala clung to a eucalyptus.
14, Dozens of eucalyptus species are cultivated in the arboretum.
15, The leaves have a unique smell midway between eucalyptus and mint.
16, Muscular aches and pains can be eased by eucalyptus, camomile,( lavender or marjoram.
17, A big jar of purple wild flowers and eucalyptus stood on the top of a pile of library books.
18, Eucalyptus trees grow very tall and have elongated leaves.
19, The sky was adorned with rain clouds. The eucalyptus tree in the garden swayed with joy and the air was filled with the sweet smell of wet mud.
20, The project would have involved the clear-felling of 800,000 hectares of tropical forest and its replacement by eucalyptus plantations.
21, I mention this to Yacouba and suggest his committee should consider planting acacia and fruit trees instead of eucalyptus.
22, The newly established Legations protested and the introduction of the fast-growing eucalyptus obviated the necessity.
23, They drilled with one of the groups out there, living in open huts made of eucalyptus logs and assorted vines.
24, Cave walls painted with Aboriginal drawings, a gorge about a quarter mile deep, filled with only eucalyptus and birds.
25, No aromatic oils, vapour rubs, smelly nasal decongestants like menthol or eucalyptus etc.
26, Potential listeners also are cautious about venturing on to a campus with circuitous roads, dense eucalyptus groves and notoriously problematic parking.
27, Smothering the world with efficient carbon sink plantings, such as eucalyptus and genetically modified poplar, is an anathema.
28, This land, and other former forest land, is being planted with eucalyptus to supply pulp mills.
29, See the magnificent church of St. Mary, surrounded by small white houses set amongst palm trees and stunted eucalyptus.
30, On July 31st their dead bodies were found hanging from eucalyptus trees in a grove in Nathanya.
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