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Equably in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2018-02-13Updated:2018-05-25
Similar words: equableequabilityvaluablyarguablyunarguablyequitablyinequitablysquabMeaning: adv. in an equable manner. 
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1 She wasn't prepared to respond equably to Richardson's mood, and she spoke curtly.
2 Multi freezing air orientation, freezing equably.
3 DC motor will equably run the rotisserie to roast the body of bird, small beast and large sea food.
4 The value changes to be changed equably, attribute seasonal change basically.
5 He is an equably cheerful fellow.
6 Rotary passing method assures to paste equably and control the paste to the situation.
7 Mixing blade: inner two groups Archimedean screw blade, equably mixing, durability and life cycle.
8 Conjunctiva haemorrhage presents the red that agrees equably, submit a form more, attrib border and clear.
9 Usage: apply some equably on the hand, and rubdown on the face and the acne part at morning, noon, and evening,( then wash it with water.
10 Fixing cleaning to operations accordant time cleaning and equably.
11 As a manager she deals with problems reasonably and equably, never losing her temper.
12 So they constantly demanded changes in the structure of government in the district in order to distribute power-and taxes-more equably.
13 Chinese olive ( Canarium Album ) tend as the accretion of density likely distributing equably.
14 If disrelish this method trouble, still have another kind of method, besmear equably in freezer compartment wall namely an edible is oily, can make freezer is in for some time not frost.
15 Add sealed shim between the two flanges and then lock down the bolt equably.
16 A kind of big - powered linear source which distributes power equably is needed in the urine analyzer.
17 Usage: after clean the face, apply some on the face and rubdown equably.
18 Oven is heated by hot blast air circularly and equably automatic control of temperature.
19 Irrigation district water-measuring is the important method and guarantee of practising using water planly, assignment accurately, using irrigation water equably and meterage.
20 Usage: after clean the face, apply some on the face, rubdown equably .
21 The framework up down to ensure of cleaning rapidly equably.
22 If portable cushion, had better retroflexion every week, make wear away to distributing equably.
23 If these assuming that the condition is nonexistent, element pay is changed equably come true hard.
24 The framework and down to ensure of cleaning rapidly and equably.
25 In order to simplify blast pipe and distribute the air equably, the static pressure trunk is mounted under ground to supply air.
26 Board face level off lines of smooth graph is distinct, paint facing color agrees equably.
27 Cushion can turn over changeover to use, answer to retroflexion every week, make wear away to distributing equably .
28 Magnetic fluid is a kind of colloid which contain ferromagnetic granule equably Magneticafunctional material.
29 Usage: clean the face, appley some on the face and rubdown equably .
30 Meticulous quality of a material, chromatically presents the makeup effect of natural burnish equably, it is good that colour adds exert oneself, take off not easily makeup.
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