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Epithelial tissue in a sentence

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Sentence count:15Posted:2017-08-12Updated:2017-08-12
Similar words: tissuehot issuenerve tissueissuetake issueepithetmissusfissureMeaning: n. membranous tissue covering internal organs and other internal surfaces of the body. random good picture
1. After converted into vitamin A, promote epithelial tissue integrity, to protect the trachea results.
2. Immunocytochemistry detection showed that cells were derived from epithelial tissue.
3. Result:Immunohistochemistry indicated that the isolated GER was purely epithelial tissue.
4. Epithelial tissue occurs most commonly in sheets.
5. Normal epithelial tissue homeostasis is maintained by dynamic interactions between epithelial cells and their
6. The development of the epithelial tissue in the esophagus is closely related to NOS positive expression.
7. Usually occurs in malignant breast epithelial tissue.
8. Methods Human fetal limbal epithelial tissue was cultured in vitro by enzymatic digestion culture method and the morphological characteristics of cultured cells were recorded.
9. Objective:To reconstruct corneal epithelial tissue in vitro by tissue engineer technique to provide corneal epithelial transplantation materials and methods for corneal surface reconstruction.
10. Epithelial tissue is the pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium, more Fabricius nodes are located in the natural layer.
11. Breast cancer is a malignant cancer that is developed in breast epithelial tissue. The mortality of breast cancer is at the first place in female malignant cancers.
12. In short, both benign and malignant-tumors originate from the epithelial tissue.
13. The object of this biology class is to observe the epithelial tissue of animals through a microscope.
14. Researchers at Tokyo University Hospital have succeeded in using a cornea cell to grow cornea epithelial tissue, needed for treating declining eyesight caused by the side effects of medicine or drugs.
15. Methods: The expression of MCP-1 in 41 cases of OSCC and 10 specimens of normal oral epithelial tissue was assessed with SABC immunohistochemical method.
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