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Epigenetic in a sentence

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1. Evolutionary developmental psychology involves the expression of evolved, epigenetic programs, as described by the developmental systems approach, over the course of ontogeny .
2. BACKGROUND: Gene promoter methylation is an epigenetic event leading to gene silencing.
3. Epigenetic changes represent a biological response to an environmental stressor.
4. We are also assessing how dysregulation of epigenetic activities contributes to malignancy in medulloblastoma and glioblastoma.
5. Epigenetic modifications are often retained when cells divide, and can sometimes be passed on to offspring.
6. In the interests of safety will epigenetic therapy have any risk of causing normal cell gene activation leading to potential gene mutations and maybe cancer?
7. Epigenetic variations "could explain the odd discordance of diseases among identical twins, " Whitelaw suggests.
8. Incomplete epigenetic reprogramming is suspected to cause the abnormalities and the low efficacy associated with SCNT.
9. Gene silencing is a kind of epigenetic phenomenon discovered in transgenic plants in recent years.
10. As a epigenetic mark for the centromeric chromatin, CENP-A is a histone H3-like protein specific to centromeres.
11. In the last year, several new findings about epigenetic modifications of gene expression were reported in different arthritides.
12. Epigenetic changes have been found in tumors and some autoimmune diseases.
13. There are four known mechanisms for epigenetic inheritance.
14. To elucidate the epigenetic reprogramming threshold for proper development will surly be helpful to understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying SCNT animals surviving to adulthood.
15. Core processes of epigenetic inheritance include DNA methylation, histone modification, nucleosome remodeling, nuclear dynamics and chromatin interaction with non-coding RNAs.
16. DNA methylation is an important epigenetic modification which regulates a number of biological processes.
17. It includes epigenetic uranium impregnations in sandstone.
18. A recurrent working hypothesis of gene-culture coevolutionary theory is that the epigenetic rules are shaped by natural selection over many generations.
19. These effects, which have been well documented in recent psychological research,[] are called epigenetic rules.
20. The Mississippi Valley - type ( MVT ) lead - zinc deposits are the classic epigenetic hydrothermal ores.
21. Over the years, our laboratory has found that Zizania DNA introgression could induce a large number of genetic and epigenetic changes in some introgression lines.
22. Both undernutrition and overnutrition, particularly in the womb, can cause these epigenetic programs to create a mismatch between the 'expected' food environment and the actual one.
23. In all, the cancer stem cell theory and the development of epigenetic may cast new lights on differentiation therapy of HCC.
24. For example, children of Vietnam War veterans exposed to the herbicide agent orange have an increased risk for spina bifida due to epigenetic changes.
25. If Chong's group can confirm that fetal alcohol syndrome causes epigenetic changes in humans too, it might allow the syndrome to be spotted earlier on in life.
26. These modifications regulate histone-DNA interactions, adding a new dimension to the epigenetic regulation of nucleosome mobility.
27. Most importantly, we demonstrate that MBD association to methylated DNA serves to identify novel targets of epigenetic inactivation in human cancer.
28. At the molecular level, cellular plasticity and dynamics are governed by genetic and epigenetic regulations.
29. Biologists have suspected for years that some kind of epigenetic inheritance occurs at the cellular level.
30. Over the years, our laboratory has found that Zizania DNA introgression could induce a large number of genetic and epigenetic changes of the rice genome.
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