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Energy conversion in a sentence

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1. Cheap solar energy conversion has been the dream of some scientists since the 1970s.
2. Conventional solar cells rely on silicon crystals, and energy conversion is around 10 percent.
3. Energy from the Sea Wave energy conversion offers huge amounts of power but demands a great deal more new technology than wind energy.
4. Cheap solar energy conversion has been a dream of some scientists since the first oil crisis back in the late 1970s.
5. The proportion of this energy conversion accounted for by agriculture however, is small, but even this is not exploited.
6. Energy conversion rate was higher because of the feedback of materials in the system.
7. The key for wave energy is wave energy conversion device. At present, there are rather diversified conversion modes, but we only show boat-type and dam-type power devices.
8. Energy conversion technologies available mainly include followings : pyrolysitic gasification , anaerobic digestion, liquefaction, nationalization, direct combustion, and solidification.
9. Energy conversion, level, distribution and variation of depression cones during artesian and pumping processes are analyzed.
10. In the course of energy conversion and transfer, the difference of energy is existed, and there is surplus energy to produce.
11. Whatever the cause, the energy conversion that rhodopsin brings about is also of interest.
12. Molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) is an energy conversion device that converts chemical energy into electricity by oxidation of hydrogen or fossil fuels.
13. Cordless transmission using solar energy conversion technologies to provide energy and need not other powers.
14. Rothschild: Energy conversion at Nebulium Tower is dropping.
15. Bills completed by 1980 laid special emphasis on recycling and energy conversion.
16. Electricity produced by radioactive isotopes, strontium 90, polonium 210, by thermoelectric energy conversion.
17. The Nobel citation noted that his discovery would be useful for energy conversion technology.
18. It was a sort of do with mechanical energy translate hydraulic energy ' energy conversion device.
19. Oregon has one of the best wave climates for wave energy conversion anywhere in the world.
20. Locke also visited the Tianjin facility of a joint venture between United Solar Ovonic, a subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices, and Tianjin Jinneng Investment Company to convert U.
21. The Ni-Bi films can be prepared with precise thickness control and operate at modest overpotential providing an alternative to the Co catalyst for applications in solar energy conversion.
22. The invention relates to a supermolecule type organic solar battery material and a preparation method thereof, and provides a new way for enhancing energy conversion efficiency.
23. It was original domestic and distinguished in similarity wind energy conversion system in the world.
24. Shell pumps not only by pooling the impeller Shuaichu liquid, is also an energy conversion device.
25. Shell brings together not only by the pump impeller liquid releases, but it is also an energy conversion device.
26. Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) is an all solid-state energy conversion device that produces electricity by electrochemically combining fuel and oxidant gases across an oxyanion conducting oxide.
26. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
27. The food of Gloydius shedaoensis Zhao is very limited, prays on season is very short too, but its energy conversion ratio is very high, abling to store in body in the form of fat remaining energy.
28. It is important to develop a wind turbine simulator (WTS) in the lab without natural wind resource and actual wind turbines when studying technologies in wind energy conversion systems.
29. Photothermal techniques can provide the information that pure optical spectroscopy is not able to give, such as optical-to-thermal energy conversion efficiency.
30. Compared with the existing wind power generator, the invention not only has simple structure and low fabricating cost, but also improves the energy conversion efficiency.
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