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End point in a sentence

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Sentence count:65Posted:2018-01-12Updated:2018-01-12
Similar words: endpointstandpointmidpointpoint-to-pointpointpointspointypointedMeaning: n. 1. a place where something ends or is complete 2. the final point in a process. random good picture
1. Once the end point was reached, the lake is likely to rapidly become acidic.
2. Primary end points of the study were infarct size and ejection fraction, and the results revealed no differences between the groups.
3. If the end point is close to the equivalence point, the titration is accurate.
4. The primary end point was response; secondary end points included duration of response, progression-free survival (PFS), and safety.
5. The general end point error formula is established in this paper. It takes into consideration the interfering reaction and is also applicable to nonaqueous titration.
6. The end point of titration of boron by CPC is indicated by the sudden movement of a fluorescent spot on the screen of the cathode ray oscillograph.
7. Click and drag on the end point to raise the entire arm.
8. The primary end point was a change in the fraction of glomerular volume occupied by mesangium in kidney-biopsy specimens.
9. You've been promising the audience that end point from the beginning, so you're duty-bound to go there when you end it.
10. The end point of titration is controlled by instantaneous titration controller and titre is measured by Mariotte constant current titrator and timer.
11. A number that identifies the end point in a Frame Relay network.
11. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
12. It's got a start point, it's got an end point.
13. The primary end point was binary restenosis at 1 - year angiographic follow - up .
14. A work - related project will reach an end point on the full moon, November 13.
15. The separation between cytoplasmic content and parietal structures may represent the metabolic end point in which structural components must also be utilised.
16. There is often no distinct episode of illness with clear beginning and end points.
17. I regretted that I saw the start point but did not see the end point.
18. Click on the path to add the mesh, then select the white arrow tool, and select the end point.
19. Analysis by volumetric procedures requires that some method of indicating the stoichiometric end point be employed.
20. Return point (POR): in the overall business logic (GSL) after the end of treatment and return to the BCP continues to call the end point of treatment.
21. The polarimetry was is used to control the fermentation process and the end point of substrate (RSA) transformation. This method is more effective than colorimetry.
22. In the process of hydrogenation Our main problem is not to determine the reaction end point, may I ask you about the way to judge a good finish without excessive hydrogenation Triacontanol arising.
23. Similarity coefficient filtering may remove the noises due to aliasing and end point effect.
24. Right now, I as if the seeing a not point of end point.
25. The difference between the temperature at the initial boiling point and at the end point, as obtained by the distillation test.
26. Methods: Using least square method simulating line identify the end point of T wave.
27. By discussing the joggle process on Mechanics, the elastic limit displacement of the end point of cut, the length covered and the joggle force were modeled.
28. International Circulation: The STRADIVARIUS trial failed to show an effect of rimonabant on disease progression for the primary end point.
29. Has been defeated, could not explain your life to the end point.
30. For moisture meters based on Karl Fisher capacitance titrimetry, the accuracy of measurement is dependent on capturing correct end point.
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