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Emg in a sentence

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Sentence count:64Posted:2017-11-15Updated:2017-11-15
Meaning: n. a graphical record of electric currents associated with muscle contractions. 
1. Methods: The spasmodic muscles were identified by EMG, CT or MRI preoperatively.
2. In pain patient groups, the increased EMG activity at rest and the reduction of the masseteric reflex amplitude were equally distributed in the pain and non-pain sides.
3. Objective To study the effect of continuous EMG monitoring of facial muscle on the neural anatomy and function reserving of facial nerve during and after operation.
4. Electromyogram ( EMG ) is employed to help determine the control signal used to actuate the muscle cylinders.
5. Objective To explore the surface electromyography(EMG)characteristics of biceps brachii during isometric contraction in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy.
6. Objective : To investigate the clinical and EMG features in patients with polymyositis ( PM ) and dermatomyositis ( DM ).
7. Guided with EMG, a dose of 15 to 20 units of BTX-A was injected into the unilateral thyroarytenoid muscle.
8. Methods: EMG and muscle biopsy were examined in 38 cases of SMA.
9. Objective:To study the difference of electromyography(EMG) and muscle enzyme(ME) in the progression of polymyositis(PM) and dermatomyositis(DM).
10. In 2005, EMG signed a memorandum of understanding with the Jewish state's public Israeli Electricity Company ( IEC ).
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11. METHODS: Based on the principle of EMG, IPs of muscle bundle of temporalis and mimetic muscle were determined.
12. The surface electromyogram ( EMG ) and integrated EMG ( IEMG ) during fatiguingisometrie contraction at 70 % MVC were recorded.
13. The electromyogram (EMG) of each subject's tibial anterior, lateral gastrocnemius, biceps femoralis and rectus femoralis was measured.
14. Results: EMG was abnormal and shows neurogenic damage in all the involved 188 muscles.
15. Study Design. A comparatie analysis of electromyogram ( EMG ) signals of patients of cerical pain and normal controls.
16. Changes in nerve conduction velocity and EMG findings in cases of Nerve Compression Syndromes are presented, using Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Anterior Interosseous Nerve Compression as examples.
17. A scheme of EMG signal decomposition was reported no need of human supervision.
18. The surface electromyograph(EMG) signals (SEMGs) are a complex interference pattern of the electrical activity during muscle contraction.
19. Abstract Electromyogram ( EMG ) and electronuerogram ( ENG ) of 609 cases with peripheral nerve injury were analysed.
20. The structure and work principle of EMG centering system aluminum strips are analyzed in the article.
21. The test re-test reliability for fine wire Electromyography (EMG) in the lower trapezius muscle during Maximal Voluntary Isometric Contractions (MVIC's) was studied in ten healthy volunteers.
22. CPK was most highest enzyme in blood serum. EMG showed myogenic changes in 34 cases and neurogenic damages in 2 ones. The abnormality rate was 86%.
23. AIM:To set up muscle disuse atrophy rat models and observe the effect of electrical stimulation(ES)on muscular strength of quadriceps femoris and electromyogram(EMG).
24. Methods: Analyzing the characteristics of 36 patients with chronic alcohol poisoning, and their EEG, BAEP and EMG examination.
25. To explore the effects of hemirachischisis on the sphincter function and the Clinicalsignificance of external urethral sphincter EMG in neurogenic bladder.
26. In the MND group , the positive rate for SFEMG and conventional EMG was 92.11 % and 76.32 % re - spectively ( P & lt; 0.05 ).
27. The descriptive statistics for body weight normalized strength, normalized peak EMG, time to onset, time to peak, median frequency, mean power frequency, and frequency bands were calculated.
28. This paper reports the clinical analysis of 340 cases of EMG examination.
29. Objective?To treat upper trunk avulsion of brachial plexus by neurotization using a part of ulnar nerve. The clinical outcome and the role of intraoperative EMG monitoring was discussed.
30. Designed a portable OA-kneepad based on PIC16F630 and a evaluating system based on EMG for the curative effect of KOA.
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