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Embryos in a sentence

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1 Many people object to experimentation on embryos.
2 Two or three embryos are implanted into the woman's body.
3 Embryos grow by cell division .
4 Experiments to try to clone human embryos have met with hostility from some sections of the public.
5 The embryos were tested to determine their sex prior to implantation.
6 Right-to-life advocates worry that embryos will be wasted or discarded in attempts to produce a successful clone.
7 Do you approve of doctors using human embryos for research?
8 Frozen embryos of kudu antelope have been transferred into the wombs of the more common eland(, and born successfully.
9 We also produced some embryos when their cells were in G2 by use of yet another agent, cycloheximide.
10 For the embryos which are implanted after screening have not been genetically modified in any way.
11 Yet these embryos were precisely the kind that Illmensee and Hoppe said had sometimes survived to become adult mice.
12 Therefore, careful staging of embryos is critical to the interpretation of any experiment.
13 Four embryos failed to take hold in Lisa's womb, but with the fifth one, she became pregnant.
14 For older embryos, 100% serum is advisable.
15 Frozen calf embryos have since played a significant part in agriculture and even in conservation.
16 The embryos that became Megan and Morag were produced in February 1995, and they were born in August 1995.
17 Embryos have their own logic and all too often eschew tidiness; there is an element of all three mechanisms involved.
18 Male embryos form in the right-hand side of the womb,( females in the left.
19 Some troubling questions remain about the legal status of frozen embryos.
20 The stem cells at the heart of the matter are to be found in human embryos a few days old.
21 Thus I am not in principle against the idea of research into embryos.
22 Because transplanted quail cells will behave normally in chick embryos, she realized she had an invaluable natural marker.
23 A more ideal marker would be one which labelled an entire population within intact viable embryos without disrupting their integrity.
24 The new research should also help to avoid freezing and storing excess embryos, she says.
25 Driesch and the early Spemann created clones merely by splitting very young embryos, to give identical twins or quads.
26 Accompanying the astronauts on the flight are a dozen rats, 36 fish embryos and 20 loblolly pine seedlings.
27 The larger ones lay larger capsules from which larger embryos emerge and grow faster.
28 Changes in the diurnal cycle allow different developmental stages of embryos to be available during normal working hours.
29 It could, for example, challenge the absolute opposition by anti-abortionists to research on human eggs or early embryos.
30 Oct-11 mRNA was detected in the adult thymus and testes and in 14.5 day p.c. embryos.
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