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Electrocardiogram in a sentence

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Sentence count:86Posted:2017-07-07Updated:2017-07-07
Synonym: ECGEKGcardiogramSimilar words: electroencephalographyelectrocuteelectrocutionradiogramelectromagnetic spectrumelectronelectrodeelectronicMeaning: n. a graphical recording of the cardiac cycle produced by an electrocardiograph. random good picture
(1) A electrocardiogram records the heartbeat.
(2) The electrocardiogram provides a graphic indication of the membrane effects of altered potassium concentrations.
(3) The electrocardiogram will confirm sinus bradycardia.
(4) The continuous recording of electrocardiogram and from it instantaneous heart rate was particularly valuable during events.
(5) His electrocardiogram showed sinus rhythm with widespread ST-T wave abnormalities.
(6) An electrocardiogram showed right heart strain.
(7) Electrocardiogram and measurement of blood calcium were obtained from 57 neo-nates.
(8) Electrocardiogram: Antrum sex arrhythmia, arrange Zhong Xiang dislocation. Is there a problem?
(9) The cardiac cycle can be shown on an electrocardiogram.
(10) Electrocardiogram, ambulant ECG, ambulant blood pressure and echocardiogram were all studied before treatment and after treatment 6, 12 and 18 months.
(11) I also want to do an electrocardiogram, and an electroencephalogram.
(12) An electrocardiogram ( EKG ) is done to evaluate signs and symptoms that could indicate heart problems.
(13) DRC could obviously improve the ischemic electrocardiogram T-wave induced by Pituitrin (Pit).
(14) Due to its application in electrocardiogram (ECG)[sentence dictionary], computer provides a modern approach for electrocardiology and clinical diagnosis.
(15) Diagnosis is done with an electrocardiogram, which spots distinctive changes.
(16) There were recurrent atrial premature beat ( APB ) and AF on the record of Holter electrocardiogram.
(17) Onset of illness and evoke factor, relation between miction and syocope, portent symptome of syocope and valsalva's test of electrocardiogram were analyzed.
(18) Method: In 107 patients with atypical chest pain and doubtful coronary heart disease, their quiet electrocardiogram were normal, and they examined exercise treadmill test.
(19) Conclusions: The coronary artery ectasia is also a main reason that myocardial ischemic, electrocardiogram to change.
(20) A method based on the first derivative of Gaussian function wavelet for detecting the QRS crest of the electrocardiogram (ECG) is presented in this paper.
(21) Objective To investigate the diagnostic value of myocardial nuclide imaging[], coronary angiography and electrocardiogram treadmill exercise test on coronary heart disease.
(22) Conclusion The side effect of neuroleptic to heart cannot be neglected and electrocardiogram shall be inspected termly when neuro-lepthic is used, especially for female patients.
(23) Objective To explore difference of T wave shape in right precordial lead electrocardiogram between normal male and female and its clinical value.
(24) With the development of science and technology, in pregnant time the fetal electrocardiogram real-time wardship has been paid to more and more great attention.
(25) But if diminutive of dubiety of coronary heart disease moves electrocardiogram test result is positive, the possibility with its electropositive holiday is larger.
(26) Methods 23 MI patients with ventricular aneurysm confirmed by left ventricular were observed for electrocardiogram (ECG), echocardiogram (ECHO), coronary disease and collateral vessels formation.
(27) At last, the VLP is separated completely from the normal electrocardiogram by using FICA to carry out bind source separation.
(28) Objective To comprehend relativity and clinical value of diagnosis index on electrocardiogram(ECG)and vectorcardiogram(VCG).
(29) Objective To explore clinical significance of allelism Q wave of electrocardiogram.
(30) A novel method based on support vector regression machine(SVRM) is proposed to extract the fetal electrocardiogram(FECG) from the abdominal composite signal of the pregnant woman.
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