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Ebonics in a sentence

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Sentence count:11Posted:2017-10-18Updated:2017-10-18
Similar words: bubonicsonicsionic bondbionicsphonicsavionicscryonicsmnemonicsMeaning: n. a nonstandard form of American English spoken by some Blacks in the United States. random good picture
(1) Even among all of the confusion over Ebonics, the Oakland school board has performed a service.
(2) Another important dialect is spoken by many African Americans. Sometimes this dialect is called "Ebonics, " but linguists call it "African-American English.
(3) O'Neil. "Ebonics in the Media. " Radical Teacher 54 (1998).
(4) Y., has introduced a bill to ban federal funds from being spent on programs that teach ebonics as a language.
(5) Some educators pose the same kind of questions about Ebonics that have been raised about other bilingual education programs.
(6) But in his second reaction, Jackson must have resolved that Ebonics does not dignify some shameful difference.
(7) Suddenly interested in the achievement of poor black schoolchildren, pundits, federal officials and policy-makers unanimously condemn Ebonics for lowering standards.
(8) The ridicule and disparagement on talk radio confirms why an Ebonics program makes sense.
(9) Thus, it is no coincidence that the public school districts experimenting with Ebonics long have been abandoned by white parents.
(10) The Oakland board called for public money to fund "bilingual" education in English and Ebonics.
(11) An obvious example often occurs with African American children who are exposed to Ebonics at home and who are expected to use standard English at school.
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