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Easterly in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2017-08-19Updated:2017-08-19
Similar words: masterlyeastereasterneasternmosteastern europeutterlybitterlyquarterlyMeaning: ['iːstəlɪ] n. a wind from the east. adj. 1. lying in or toward the east 2. from the east; used especially of winds. adv. from the east. random good picture
1. A right easterly wind is very unkind.
2. There was a light easterly breeze.
3. He progressed slowly along the coast in an easterly direction.
4. We drove off in an easterly direction .
5. The ship is holding a south - easterly course.
6. It was blowing from an easterly direction.
7. The town is in the most easterly part of the country.
8. They were travelling in an easterly direction.
9. Last night was a light easterly - might have checked the ebb a fraction[], but not enough to matter.
10. Then do the same on an easterly or westerly heading.
11. Sunday, June 10, was a bad day-cold, with easterly winds.
12. Meanwhile, an easterly wind blew up and the fleet found itself in difficulties.
13. The most easterly section of the Siberian Line was the Kolyvano-Kuznetsk fortified Line.
14. The wind blows easterly.
15. These easterly areas cater predominantly for caravans, camping and chalets(, offering the tourist many facilities and entertainment.
16. The divergent flow field in the tropical easterly of the upper troposphere stimulates the northeastward stretch of the SEW.
17. The ship held an easterly course.
18. The strong easterly wind lash ed at our faces.
19. New York University economist Williams Easterly says this is one example of development gone wrong.
20. Then the depression formation in tropical easterly flow is discussed.
21. The winds blew easterly all night.
22. On the other hand fetch is the limiting factor in the height of waves generated by easterly winds over the North Sea.
23. According to the map we were supposed to leave the road and take an easterly track up the plateau.
24. All the outer states capitulated to the Republic except for the most easterly islands which proclaimed a Republic of the South Moluccas.
25. The compass card will be deflected from horizontal during changes of speed on Easterly and Westerly headings.
26. They prayed that the wind would not change its easterly direction and carry the fog towards Basingstoke, Farnham, Aldershot.
27. Do you think you could pull me up and then point me in an easterly direction once we're outside?
28. Northeastern Brazil's climate is largely driven by the Intertropical Convergence Zone—an equatorial region where northern and southern hemisphere easterly trade winds converge.
29. Byron Bay famous not only for its position as Australias most easterly mainland point but also as the "alternate lifestyle" capital of Australia. Meet the locals, soak up the atmosphere.
30. This wind from the Mongolian Plateau, North China through into the Sea, north - easterly driven into Taiwan.
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