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Early and late in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2018-07-11Updated:2018-07-11
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1. He's at his desk early and late.
2. Congenital syphilis is arbitrarily divided into early and late stages with the dividing line at two years of age.
3. Some one week windsurf holidays are available in early and late season.
4. Early and late silent lesion recurrences were associated with 3.19- and 8.09-fold increased risks of the combined endpoint of recurrent stroke, transient ischemic attack, or vascular death.
5. Methods: early and late stage complications of reduction mammoplasty with mammary aesthetics and clinical character.
5. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
6. Only early and late, and light weight.
7. The early and late stages tectonic organize can be distinguished in chronological sequence of the plate movement.
8. Compare these examples of his early and late styles.
9. Early and late systolic murmurs also occur and should be distinguished from ejection murmurs.
10. Three cutoff limits for a comparison of early and late operation were defined.
11. He is studying English early and late.
12. The petroleum system is divided into the early and late subsystems by generation periods.
13. During the summer he toiled early and late on the farm.
14. Early and late frost, Dedrolimus superans, sawfly and needle cast of larch could reduce the quality and quantity of foods of larch casebearer and had indirect effects on its population density.
15. The auction houses may anticipate an effect on prices, although early and late impressions are already clearly differentiated in catalogue descriptions.
16. If you are looking for a bargain check our early and late holidays for specially low rates.
17. More recent population based studies from the Copenhagen area in the early and late 1970s showed 7-10/100000 incidence of chronic pancreatitis.
18. Conferences are now big business for Blackpool,[] and bring extra traffic in the early and late seasons.
19. During procreative phase, higher temperature in greenhouse accelerated lignifications. Feeding quality in early and late maturity lines in greenhouse was lower than in field.
20. Middle age is the term used to describe the transition between early and late adulthood.
21. In this study, amiodarone use was associated with excess early and late all - cause and cardiovascular mortality.
22. Take advantage of this reflection, we will allow children to form early and late feeding of a conditioned reflex after the stool.
23. The cDNA-amplified fragment length polymorphism approach was used to identify genes expressed differentially during early and late flower bud development in tea plant(Camellia sinensis).
24. The transovarial virus in 1st and 4th generations of congenital viruliferous insects can cause the second infection on early and late rice respectively.
25. Palingenetic zircon produced during the process of metasomatism can be divided into two generations: early and late.
26. As we know, there had been in "greenhouse" climate in Cretaceous which was interrupted by " icehouse " climate in some epochs of both Early and Late Cretaceous.
27. The expression cassette including GFP gene controlled by FPV early and late promoter was cloned into F30 gene in fowlpox virus to gain the recombinant fowlpox virus expressing GFP.
28. "Renal function and the use or nonuse of certain heart failure drugs were powerful predictors of early and late mortality in these patients with CRT-D, " the researchers reported.
29. Objective To study and compare the operative results of the early and late treatment of orbital blow-out fracture.
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