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Dyspareunia in a sentence

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1. Dyspareunia is positively associated with current breastfeeding, perineal damage and assisted vaginal delivery.
2. The most common symptoms are dysmenorrhea dyspareunia and low back pain that worsens during menses.
3. Explain why the term " dyspareunia" is inadequate.
4. Pain during sex (dyspareunia) can be caused by many of the conditions we've discussed, most of which are treatable.
5. Among them, 66.75% patients had dyspareunia and vagina xeransis in the following 3 months, and 33,27% 6 months later, but the incidence rate didn't return to pre-operation level (6.1%).
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6. Evaluation for dyspareunia should include careful assessment of the genital tract and an attempt to reproduce symptoms during bimanual examination.
7. The sexual problems of women after delivery included dyspareunia, vaginal dryness, orgasm disorder and vaginal relaxation, etc.
8. Before and after surgery, patients were also questioned about sexual function and symptoms of urinary dysfunction, dyspareunia , and bowel dysfunction.
9. In addition to primary amenorrhea, the patient suffers infertility, dyspareunia and even difficulty in intercourse.
10. Objective To evaluate the effects of laparoscopic uterine nerve ablation(LUNA)on dysmenorrhea, chronic pelvic pain and dyspareunia of adenomyosis.
11. A. Symptoms of vaginitis include vaginal discharge, pruritus, irritation, soreness, odor, dyspareunia and dysuria.
12. F. Interstitial cystitis is characterized by urinary urgency bladder discomfort and a sense of inadequate emptying of the bladder. Dyspareunia is often present. Cystoscopy is diagnostic.
13. The preoperative diagnosis rate of adenomyosis was 72.31% , and the patients with adenomyosis usually suffered from dysmenorrhea (73.08%), dyspareunia (33.08%) and seldom secondary anemia (15.38%) .
14. There might be discomfort or even pain during intercourse (called dyspareunia ) felt deep within the pelvis.
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