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Dynamical in a sentence

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Sentence count:246Posted:2017-11-15Updated:2017-11-15
Similar words: dynamicallydynamicdynamicsgeodynamicsaerodynamichemodynamicthermodynamicaerodynamicsMeaning: adj. characterized by action or forcefulness or force of personality. 
(1) It allows organisms to protect their essential dynamical properties in the face of environmental changes by varying less essential dynamical properties.
(2) They offer contrasts both in the dynamical basis of rhythmicity and in the analytical methods that have been used to examine them.
(3) The modifiability terms correlate to instabilities of dynamical models.
(4) This work derives from the theory of dynamical systems which was originally developed by Anosov, Smale and others in the 1960s.
(5) The possible role of dynamical transitions in the aetiology of three neurological disorders will now be considered.
(6) The dynamical consequences at the cellular level of these feedback relationships are not yet fully characterized.
(7) Deterministic dynamical systems of three or more dimensions can exhibit behaviors of the type generated by the rotating taffy machine.
(8) Standish shows in his new work that the dynamical evidence for Planet X is readily explained by uncertainties in planetary ephemerides.
(9) The prospects for experimental tests of the dynamical transition paradigm seem particularly promising in the case of focal epilepsy.
(10) Before considering the possible applications of the dynamical transition paradigm, it is necessary to clearly delineate this restricted domain of application.
(11) For dynamical observation of eyeground micrograph and image manipulation, eyeground television or compatibility of telegraph and kinescope has developed into one of the key area of eyeground camera.
(12) A dynamical - integral sliding mode control approach was proposed for the speed controlling of AC servo system.
(13) Structure calculation: include the static, dynamical and flection stabilization computation of bridge' s superstructure and the substructure.
(14) The issue of impulsive synchronization of chaotic dynamical systems is investigated.
(15) In the same time, the dynamical performances of the moving platform will vary if changing the performance parameters of the linear motor and the natural oscillation frequency of the platform.
(16) Natural frequency and dynamical respond of the pipeline structure are also analysed and calculated.
(17) Using the dynamical reflexion theory[], the selective reflection characters of cholesteric liquid crystals are analyzed.
(18) It should be sufficient to state the central idea verbally and to indicate the connection to dynamical systems theory.
(19) The introduction of numerator dynamics would further reduce the value of n needed to produce dynamical behavior.
(20) We suppose that the Boussinesq approximation may be made and so the discussion of dynamical and thermal similarity in Section 14.5 applies.
(21) The heuristic nature of this argument is explicitly recognized, but its dynamical consequences are of interest.
(22) Brownian motion is always present, but it is damped out in some dynamical systems and magnified in others.
(23) This is due to the fact that adaptability components correlate to forms of stability and instability in dynamical descriptions.
(24) The form of the biphasic enzyme activity versus calcium function should be considered since it is important to subsequent dynamical arguments.
(25) Some of these O 3 datasets have been analysed without completely eliminating the dynamical variations related to the quasi-biennial oscillation.
(26) In addition, the coupling of helicity with a negative(positive) value at upper(lower) levels is the dynamical mechanism to activize and maintain such a low pressure torrential rainfall.
(27) In this paper, a direct procedure for estimating the parameters of a continuous-time model of a dynamical stochastic system is presented.
(28) Presented the constraint force control method can be used to the dynamical systems control with the equality constraints.
(29) It also explores the modes of EFL learning in China by applying the language dynamical equation.
(30) By combining rigid disk element and 3-D beam element the dynamical control equation of flexible rotor system and its analysis formula of coefficient matrix are developed.
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