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Dry out in a sentence

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Synonym: dryrun drySimilar words: drydry upsundrydry landtawdrytry outtryoutlaundryMeaning: v. 1. become dry or drier 2. become empty of water 3. remove the moisture from and make dry. random good picture
(1) If the soil is allowed to dry out the tree could die.
(2) We have left the paint to dry out.
(3) The plaster will have to dry out before you can paint the room.
(4) The boss asked the drinker to dry out.
(5) He checked into Cedars Sinai Hospital to dry out.
(6) He went to an expensive clinic to dry out.
(7) Hot sun and cold winds can soon dry out your skin.
(8) It's not easy for him to dry out since he has a lot of drug - addict friends.
(9) The cold winds dry out your skin very quickly.
(10) He went to a clinic in Arizona to dry out.
(11) I don't think an alcoholic can dry out without proper medical help.
(12) She went into a clinic to dry out.
(13) Will this flooded ground ever dry out?
(14) We left the wood in the shed to dry out.
(15) You should let the wood dry out.
(16) Water the plant regularly[sentencedict .com],( never letting the soil dry out.
(17) Your clothes will take ages to dry out.
(18) Engineers were to begin Monday an attempt to dry out the waterlogged San Pedro mountain by drilling two 300-foot-deep wells.
(19) Calf and morocco can dry out to become lifeless and lustreless, instead of sprightly and glowing.
(20) Untreated leather will dry out and crack, making it stiff and hard, and no longer waterproof.
(21) If it begins to dry out, spray it with water.
(22) Leave to dry out, supporting the door with jars until hardened into position.
(23) Even aquatic terrapins need to be able to dry out by sun basking.
(24) I turned myself in to dry out, and I stayed dry.
(25) Wood that has gotten wet and allowed to dry out will not be damaged.
(26) Add additional stock if sauce begins to dry out.
(27) Environmentalists say that diverting water from the river will lower the water table and dry out wells.
(28) Put the top back on that felt - tip pen or it will dry out.
(29) In summer, water the plants regularly and never let the soil dry out.
(30) Water the plant regularly and don't let the soil dry out.
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