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Drop away in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2017-09-05Updated:2017-09-05
Similar words: drop a linedrop anchordrop acrossslip awaychip awaykeep awaypropanedropMeaning: v. get worse. random good picture
1. The seabed suddenly dropped away and I was waist deep in the water.
2. The cliff drops away at that point.
3. The ground dropped away sheer at our feet.
4. The attendance has dropped away in recent months.
5. On the left the ground drops away, giving a view over the rooftops.
6. Her friends dropped away from her.
7. He felt his dark mood dropping away.
8. A whole tankful of gasolene dropped away because of the tiny leak.
8. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
9. The attendance has dropped away recently.
10. The quality of some products has dropped away since last month.
11. Support for the Democrats has dropped away.
12. In the following year membership reached a peak, before dropping away in 1938 and 1939.
13. Indeed, as the stereotypes dropped away, humans astonished them-selves with the ranges of behavior they could thrive within.
14. On either score, actual artists and their intentions somehow dropped away.
15. The trouble and ache of the last few minutes circled the center of his feeling and then dropped away.
16. Memory of Sweet Home dropped away from the eyes of the man she was being girlish for.
17. By 1880, however it had dropped away to under 200,000 tons.
18. Once the heaviness dropped away her black hair formed into tight curls, and for the first time she looked almost pretty.
19. The Government buildings along the Embankment drop away behind us, and here I am in another world, another life.
20. He walked on the carpet at the outside of the treads and the noise dropped away to almost nothing.
21. As time passes,( the details drop away and only the broad outlines remain.
22. And from Love's shining circle , The gems drop away.
23. I think such customs will soon drop away.
24. The selling prices drop away from the state purchasing prices.
25. To the north, steep cliffs drop away to the sea.
26. The majority of students drop away from science.
27. The guests drop away one by one.
28. Rats shed tears and then drop away.
29. If you felt watched and overly supervised, that feeling will drop away - your test is over.
30. In autumn and winter the number of tourists to this summer resort drop away.
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