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Dreadful in a sentence

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Sentence count:177+15 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-11-25Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: awfulbaddetestableghastlyhorribleterribleunpleasantvilewretchedSimilar words: dreadedhead forhandfuldream updream ofreadbreadthreadMeaning: ['dredɪdfʊl] adj. 1. causing fear or dread or terror 2. exceptionally bad or displeasing 3. very unpleasant. random good picture
1. Poor thing! You look absolutely dreadful!
2. They told us the dreadful news.
3. They had some dreadful old ham in the main part.
4. The film was dreadful - all spooks and vampires.
5. He told me a dreadful story.
6. It's dreadful the way they treat their staff.
7. He has to live with the dreadful knowledge that he caused their deaths.
8. We've had some dreadful weather lately.
9. What a dreadful thing to say!
10. The food was bad and the service was dreadful.
11. She was one of those dreadful children who was always sneaking on other kids in the class.
12. These dreadful people bring down the tone of the neighbourhood.
13. I've had a dreadful day - everything seems to have gone wrong.
14. She's making a dreadful mess of things.
15. As a child, he had a dreadful stammer.
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16. Dreadful doubts began to enter my mind.
17. No one has raised a peep about this dreadful behaviour.
18. We saw a dreadful accident along the way.
19. The dreadful truth finally dawned on me.
20. These killings are a dreadful business.
21. I know he's done a dreadful thing, but I don't love him any the less.
22. I went off Peter when he said those dreadful things about Clare.
23. The play last night was just dreadful.
24. Her voice broke as she told us the dreadful news.
25. The hotel food was dreadful, so for three days our iron rations were fruit, cheese and bread.
26. I'm afraid there's been a dreadful mistake.
27. The weather was bad and the food dreadful. Altogether the holiday was very disappointing.
28. His speech was dreadful - he just kept repeating himself.
29. Who could have perpetrated such a dreadful crime?
30. I'm paying the penalty for drinking too much last night; I've got a dreadful headache!
More similar words: dreadedhead forhandfuldream updream ofreadbreadthreadreaderspreadbreadthreadingreadilyget readyalreadyspread outalready inwidespreadspread overand functiondress upredressaddresskindredhundredscoundreladdressedfullawfulin full
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