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Drawee in a sentence

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Similar words: drawerdrawerschest of drawersseaweedoveraweoverawedonce a weekdraw strawsMeaning: [drɔː'iː] n. the person (or bank) who is expected to pay a check or draft when it is presented for payment. 
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1 Clearly the financial standing of the drawer and drawee are important in determining the rate of discount.
2 Such limits may be marked on drawee cards at the branch for proper monitoring.
3 the acceptor or the drawee is declared bankrupt according to law or is ordered to stop business activities for violation of law.
4 The drawee who pays an endorsable check is bound to verify the regularity of the series of endorsement, but not the signature of the endorsers.
5 The drawee refusing acceptance must produce a certificate of dishonor by nonacceptance.
6 Drawee bank's discount or interest charges and acceptance commission are for the applicant and therefore the beneficiary is to receive value for term draft as if drawn at sight.
7 The drawee must be named or otherwise indicated in a bill with reasonable certainty.
8 The drawee makes payment when the draft comes due,( then he gets the shipping documents.
9 Acceptance is the drawee to accept an order that the drawer.
10 Then they deliver the actual checks to each drawee bank.
11 Sight: The drawee sees te draft when it is presented.
12 Yes, they separate all the checks according to drawee bank.
13 Drawee The bank that is going to pay the amount of money specified on the check.
14 Draw a specimen cheque, complete it and name the payee, drawer and drawee. 8.
15 IV bank which collecting bank making presentation to the drawee.
16 B: Yes, they separate all the checks according to drawee bank.
18 When a Bill of Exchange has been accepted by the drawee it becomes negotiable.
19 Yes, we do. But we have to send a personal check to drawee bank for collection.
20 In the case of a cashier's cheque, the bank is both the drawer and drawee.
21 For the bank draft inquired about by the agent bank of the drawee, the refund may be processed only after the time limit for presentment for payment has expired.
22 There are three parties to a money order : the remitter ( payer ), the payee and drawee.
23 If the place of payment is not specified on a bill of exchange, the business premises, domicile or habitual residence of the drawee is the place of payment.
24 The article 57 of the NegotiableInstrument Law in PRC stipulates the Formal Examination Obligation, SupplementaryExamination Obligation and Liability for Fault of a drawee and its agent.
25 This person ( the buyer ) is known as the drawee.
26 Accommodation bill it the bill of exchange where the drawee signing is helping another company (the drawer ) to raise a loan.
27 Drafts must be presented to the negotiating ( or drawee ) bank not later than Oct .10, 2004.
28 Acceptance of draft: in the case of a usance draft, for example, at 120 days' sight, it must be presented to the drawee for acceptance.
29 The holder shall authorize the holder's bank to collect the payment or directly make presentment to the drawee for payment within the time limit for presentment for payment.
30 The bill must be unconditional between the drawer and drawee.
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