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Down the line in a sentence

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1. His voice came down the line as clear as a bell.
2. There may be more costs further down the line.
3. Orders came down the line from the very top.
4. Graf drove a forehand shot down the line to win the match.
5. We'll make a decision on that further down the line.
6. I'll support her down the line on that issue.
7. Now, three years down the line, we're beginning to see the problems with the treatment.
8. Mike's laugh bubbled down the line.
9. He kept shouting down the line at me.
10. The women either screamed abuse down the line or remained chillingly silent when their former partners answered.
11. However, a few years down the line, a heavily discounted car might not look quite such a good bargain.
12. Sixty years down the line, grandad's bravery genes have been seriously diluted.
13. Sherman wanted nothing less seven years down the line, when he was forty-five.
14. Down the line, swords hissed out of oiled scabbards.
15. Farther down the line, 13-year-old Anne Fischer of Northridge beamed with excitement.
16. The railway station has been re-sited down the line to make room for the town's bypass.
17. Otherwise he'd have been down the line after us like a shot.
18. Down the line the rest of the oil and loan dependent economy was contracting.
19. The voice down the line was instantly recognisable, and instantly unwelcome.
20. A truck came down the line picking us up and slogged to a stop in front of his ship.
21. No run down the line, no line-out, no Cup.
22. There should be more direct discussion between managers and workers lower down the line .
23. We've playlisted many artists like Beth Orton who got picked up down the line by others.
24. Williams took the set with a stunning backhand volley down the line.
25. The trains are all to pot today because of a derailment farther down the line.
26. They told him that division progress required a complete rewiring of the decision-making process in order to push author-ity down the line.
27. But here those students were, five or ten years down the line: different life experiences,( the line.html) different perspectives on learning.
28. Twice last week I saw columns suggesting that Nico might try out for the mayoral race, two years down the line.
29. The safer option is to start about fifteen percent further down the line, thereby giving yourself a little more room.
30. The only saving grace was that the number Quinn had dictated down the line to Zack was still on the Kensington exchange.
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