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Dowdy in a sentence

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Sentence count:27+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-23Updated:2017-03-23
Synonym: messymussyseedyshabbysloppyuntidySimilar words: rowdyslowdownslow downbawdycrowdpowdercrowdedsnowdriftMeaning: ['daʊdɪ] n. 1. British marshal of the RAF who commanded the British air defense forces that defeated the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain (1882-1970) 2. deep-dish apple dessert covered with a rich crust. adj. 1. lacking in smartness or taste 2. primly out of date. random good picture
(1) She makes me feel dowdy and ugly.
(2) He had a rather dowdy wife and several children.
(3) She looked dowdy and plain in that outfit.
(4) She looked very plain and dowdy.
(5) Her clothes were clean but dowdy.
(6) The betting industry needs to shake off its dowdy appearance and attract customers who will still be customers in the 21st century.
(7) Sometimes, Joan was the dowdy, make-up-less wallflower with curves that looked more like sacks.
(8) Although the plants are dowdy looking and scentless during the day, at dusk they suddenly release a powerful ravishing scent.
(9) The drawback was his rather dowdy wife and their increasing brood of children, an imposition to be endured.
(10) Its dowdy appearance is a handicap.
(11) It made her feel a little dowdy, as though she had taken up residence in the suburbs of morality.
(12) Dorothy is on the dowdy side.
(13) Then the townhouses give way to dowdy apartment complexes with grimy windows facing the street.
(14) But the two other spellers, Guey and Dowdy, also missed their words.
(15) To them, no doubt, I looked laughably dowdy.
(16) I get so sick of women in dowdy old clothes and perpetual crepe.
(17) She made the other women look dowdy and careless.
(18) She was in a dowdy blue frock.
(19) The dowdy fellow is quite unlike the general run of my wife's guests.
(20) With long grey hair, wrinkles and dowdy clothes, the beautiful actress is barely recognisable.
(21) Those dancing next to her in the line always felt dowdy by comparison.
(22) Rather it was the whole ethos of the monarchy which was felt to be dowdy and second-rate.
(23) He could see the battered standard lamp, the mirror, the dowdy wallpaper.
(24) The existing building's interior spaces by contrast are rather dark, cluttered and dowdy.
(25) You really do not like a village girl although you said you dress dowdy.
(26) For the female mole attending a black-tie affair, surveillance equipment didn't have to be dowdy.
(27) The prowess and endowment are the prowler's wager to the dowdy dowager.
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