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Double quotes in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2018-07-10Updated:2018-07-10
Similar words: doubledoubletdoublesdoubledredoubledouble updouble-talkdouble bedMeaning: n. a pair of quotation marks. 
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1. The single quotes are used because the double quotes are needed within the drawing command if more than one word is to be drawn, and you cannot have double quotes within double quotes.
2. The query will then add the rest of double quotes as in the figure above.
3. Another example is use of single and double quotes in JSP which fails during compilation for WebSphere family of products.
4. Sequence of characters enclosed in double quotes.
5. The unicodePwd attribute value must be enclosed in double quotes.
6. Single and double quotes are escaped by doubling the quote mark, such as using Smith''s to search for Smith's.
7. Attribute value delimiters are set to quotation marks (double quotes).
7. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
8. But the shell still interprets $$ inside double quotes before it passes to Perl.
9. Name to compare against. Must be in double quotes.
10. Note the use of double quotes, which ensures that quoted arguments in the original are retained and identified properly.
11. Make sure you type the double quotes.
12. Thirdly, while we can normally use double quotes instead of single quotes, doing so in the above example would have caused an error.
13. A value in double quotes is always a string, but a numeric value without quotes is interpreted as a number.
14. Set the comparand value accordingly, stripping the double quotes from the QUOTED_STRING token if necessary.
15. Double quotes are properly escaped.
16. If the string is enclosed in two pairs of double quotes, the first pair is considered to enclose a null string, and the rest of the string is discarded.
17. For clarity, you can put the namestring in either single or double quotes.
18. What benefit does this provide? Mainly, that the content inside the double quotes is not parsed, which provides you with more flexibility.
19. If either of these two special characters are used, the names must be enclosed in double quotes.
20. To use a reserved word in a SQL statement as an identifier, you must enclose it in double quotes.
21. Use a single space before each namespace declaration, no space on either side of the equals sign, and double quotes around the namespace URI.
22. When using the script, you must put the user or host combinations and the command into double quotes to ensure they are identified as a single argument.
23. All attributes in alphabetical order, preceded by a single space, with no space on either side of the equals sign, and double quotes around the attribute value.
24. The set of punctuation and symbols substitute for other members of the set, even if the search term is enclosed in double quotes, or the punctuation is escaped, as shown in Listing 25.
25. Single quotes are better, because then you can use double quotes inside the one-liner.
26. "' is a set of drawing commands, in this case to move to the position 10, 50 and then draw the text in the double quotes.
27. This doesn't work (last time I tried), with just the escape sequence in double quotes.
28. This test verifies the helper method output by using a literal string value that contains double quotes.
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